Chartwell International School: Providing A Caring Environment For Balanced Growth
Chartwell International School

Every child needs proper attention in their growing years. Attention doesn’t just mean the physical presence of an elder but being attended to emotionally and academically as well. At any given time, young kids have a million questions running in their minds which they need answers to and turn to the elders present around them for the same.

When elders nurture their inquisitiveness, children grow into reasonable, bright individuals who are curious to learn, explore, and find solutions that ultimately add value to society. Such children, who have been encouraged and motivated when young, grow up as responsible adults and give the same kind treatment to others.

Such are the values inculcated in its students by Chartwell International School, Belgrade. The school has implemented the Cambridge International Education Program, based on the British National curriculum, the keywords of which are the balance between skills and knowledge, creativity, community engagement, and environmental awareness.

Exhibiting Educational Distinction

The school campus is laid out in the beautiful, quiet, residential area of Belgrade, the overwhelming view of which can be enjoyed from its spacious bright classrooms. Its park-like gardens encompass not only quiet shady areas where the hot spring and summer days can be enjoyed but also many sports fields and a swimming pool.

For more than 20 years, the campus has lived up to its international title, providing education from ages 2 to 18 and guiding its students in their aspiration to become global citizens. It immerses them in a world of multiple languages and cultures, inspiring them to learn through inquiry.

Spread across seven spacious facilities combining the highest standard education traditions with most contemporary top quality teaching equipment, Chartwell provides a safe and caring environment for all its students. With its sports fields, recreational areas, libraries, labs, Chartwell is a place where students come to more than study – Chartwell is a home away from home.

Beyond Education

In a tight-knit establishment that celebrates cultural diversity, the unifying factor is the accreditation from Cambridge University, which recognizes Chartwell as an international school and the registration by the Serbian Ministry of Education. Academic standards in Chartwell International School are keenly monitored, with class sizes small enough with a ratio of even 1 to 3, tailored to suit the academic needs, interest, and potential of each child including additional personalized tuition, if needed.

A wide range of subjects is offered throughout the school – from foundation to secondary, designed to stretch and challenge every individual, providing everyone with the opportunity to discover and examine their particular interests and talents. Contemporary methods of learning are applied with an interdisciplinary approach to subjects.

Realizing that education encompasses much more than the academic program a lot of emphasis is placed on extracurricular activities that are offered daily and range from sports to fencing, dance, drama, languages. Chartwell students are involved in the life of the community as well by attending workshops, visiting exhibitions, theatres as well as taking part in humanitarian activities, helping orphaned and disadvantaged Serbian children through their traditional project Something for Everyone – Children to Children. A group of pupils visited the Royal Palace in Belgrade as part of the charity appeal, supported by the Royal Family. The students get really involved, organizing their own fundraising projects. It is important that they understand there is a world out there that is not like their own.

Teachers – the Pillars

Although the Chartwell management team (Owner, Heads of Schools, Coordinators, Finance officers, etc.) lead the way, the success and the heart of the school are Chartwell teachers. They come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but what they all have in common is a love of teaching, empathy with their students, and a commitment to their education. All are well qualified for the role that they play.

“The essential task of a school is to teach the child to learn, to seek independence, and find the knowledge and skills that it needs in all of life’s situations. To do this, it must develop a love of learning in the child, and enthusiasm for enquiry that spills over from school into all aspects of the child’s life. Encouragement and motivation are keywords in Chartwell’s teaching philosophy”, shares the Founder, Nenad Gazikalovic.

Celebrating Life as One Big Family

In Chartwell International School lessons are taught in English but a variety of world languages are offered alongside. Cultural diversity is very important in Chartwell. The school traditionally celebrates UN Day, promoting tolerance and respect. Poetry and music evenings are organized where children recite poems and sing in their mother tongues and languages taught at school. British traditions are respected celebrating Valentine’s Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas, and Chartwell is the only school in Belgrade to celebrate Bonfire Night.

Chartwell fosters a strong family atmosphere. Chartwell School is not governed by rules, but rather by respect for others and common sense. This is what makes the school unique, a tension-free environment where students and teachers chat during breaks, play sports together, resolve problems, and participate together in various projects. Regardless of their many cultural differences, students and teachers respect each other and work closely to achieve the best possible results.

Equipped for Tomorrow

Having grown up alongside pupils from Japan to Jaipur, Chartwell’s students have an attuned understanding of what the world at large offers them. With strong, fully accredited academic results and a firm sense of self and responsibility, the school’s alumni leave their “little world” in Belgrade equipped to meet the challenges they will face in a rapidly globalizing and competitive world.

“Our graduating students leave us to go to universities around the globe and they achieve good results. We are of course very proud of them. However, most importantly, we are proud that they have become good people. People with the right values, who respect themselves and deserve to do so, but also people who have learned to respect those around them regardless of the differences”, concludes Nenad.

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