Trait Reader: The Amazing Science of Grapho-Analysis and Grapho-Therapy

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

–  Aldous Huxley

The popular British writer and Philosopher express in his quote that self-improvement and change are the only constants in this rapidly advancing world.

The other things that tag along the human advancements are people’s evolving lifestyles and the highly competitive and stringent atmosphere at workplaces. These factors not only often hamper the performance of the employees but infuse complexities and trauma. At the same time, mental ailments are not recognisable externally to a layman, unlike other bodily ailments; therefore, such problems do not come to the surface but remain buried in the consciences of people suffering.

Grapho analysis and the evolved branch of science- Grapho therapy is one of the best and tested tools for self-improvement. As a practice, it is usually confused to be related to astrology, but Grapho therapy leverages several mind reading techniques and applies it to bring fathomable changes in the behavioural traits of a person.

Trait Reader is a unique organisation which strives to expand the reach and effect of the significance of Grapho Analysis. In an interview with the Proprietor of Trait Reader, Mr Naveen Toshniwal, The Knowledge Review set on a journey to understand the authentic and life-saving science and the organisation’s story.

Kindly introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you came across Grapho analysis.

I was born and raised in Calcutta, did my schooling at St Xavier’s and engineering from Jadavpur University. After that, I shifted to Jaipur in 1996 to pursue the family business of manufacturing instrumentation and industrial cables.

My father, Shri Mohan Toshniwal, also had a keen interest and was fascinated by Grapho Analysis. I started taking lessons from him during my college days, and very soon, I began practising the handwriting analysis of my college friends. My friends would be left amazed by the accuracy of the analysis. And thus began my journey as a handwriting analyst, as it became my innate passion. The motivation and support from my friends and relatives inspired me to pursue this passion as a part-time profession in due course.

Please enlighten us about the science of Grapho Analysis and its significance as a tool of self-development.

The Greek scholar Aristotle was the first person who established a link between the mind and handwriting about 2000 years ago. He used to say that handwriting is actually ‘mind writing’. Unfortunately, the awareness of the subject did not spread. To date, handwriting analysis is used to assess candidates’ personality before actual interviews in many corporates in European countries and USA.

These are numerous traits that can be accurately analysed through Grapho analysis:

  • Intelligence
  • Keenness to learn
  • Friendliness, loyalty
  • Emotional chart
  • Frankness or secretiveness
  • Determination, enthusiasm
  • Self-confidence
  • Short-tempered or cool, egoistic
  • Sensitive
  • Organising ability, engineering ability, creativity and imagination power
  • Initiative level
  • Ambitions, willpower
  • Dishonesty, greed
  • Concentration power, precision
  • Independence
  • Resentment

The other significant developed technique born out of the science is Grapho Therapy. Grapho Therapy consists of contemplating one’s negative traits to nullify them strategically and more effectively use your positive traits simply by practising small changes in some strokes in the handwriting.

Please share some stories, events, or experiences that led to your personal discoveries in Grapho Analysis.

Below are instances which motivated me to explore this fascinating science and to work to spread its awareness:

A girl aged 20-22 who was going through severe depression was referred to me by a doctor, as they could not read the girl’s mind. When she visited me with her mother, she was not at all in an expressive mode. I was shocked to see strokes of suicidal tendencies other than severe depression! It was of great concern as you cannot discuss such a sensitive matter with the child or the parent. I simply insisted on changing those strokes in writing. After a gap of about one month, we met and began assessing the challenges. Since our first meeting, the girl would never utter a single word. Very soon, she started recovering, while one day she greeted me, ‘Good morning Sir’, she said, and I was overjoyed. After that, I suggested her some further therapies to build up willpower and confidence. Today the girl is thriving in her career and life, reflecting great progress in her mental and physical health.

A class 11 student preparing for the IIT entrance exam had joined a tutorial for IIT entrance coaching. He was a very bright boy, but he could not finish the practise exams within the stipulated period of 2-3 hours. However, he was able to solve the problems after coming back home. On analysing the strokes in the handwriting, I saw that he was a ‘slow thinker’. I believe that there is nothing wrong with slow thinking. It only means that a person will take more time to understand the same problem and find a solution quickly compared to a person who has sharp grasping abilities. I suggested therapy to him to change the way he was writing small ‘m’ & ‘n’ to develop quick grasping abilities. Within four weeks, he was able to start finishing his exams. This boosted his self-confidence level, and he became very enthusiastic!

What challenges do you face to convince Grapho-Analysis’s authenticity and channel the fascination around it productively?

The awareness of the subject is very limited. Many people are aware of ‘Grapho Analysis’, but very few are aware of its advantages and the therapy part, by which you can actually change your personality. The word spreads through the people who have actually gone through the therapy and experienced the changes.

A common query is that we do not write these days, which is a fact! We are all on computers and phones. Even if you write after 15 years, you will still be analysed accurately through the strokes. The therapy for self-improvement requires the practice of 5 minutes a day for a duration of 3-4 weeks. Once you get the desired changes, the therapy can be stopped.

What kind of potential do you see in the branch of science- Grapho analysis? How do you see it advancing in the future?

Besides being an amazing tool for self-assessment and improvement, this science also has good career prospects since very few people are aware of this science. I am already in discussions with a couple of colleges to teach grapho analysis and therapy as a part-time value-added course. I do not think the educational institute of college is offering such a course.

Frequently asked questions and important to note:

  • This science of Grapho analysis has nothing to do with stars and astrology. It is a way of assessing your present personality based on handwriting strokes. Of course, the future could be made brighter if we help people get over negative traits like low confidence, resentment, short temper, etc. More effectively, they utilise their positive traits like defining long-term goals and utilising their creativity more effectively.
  • You cannot assess anyone accurately through signature. This is a big myth! Remember, analysis of personality is assessed through the repetition of strokes in one entire page of handwriting. It is not possible to assess anyone completely in 5-10 letters appearing in a small signature.

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