Travel Theme Decoration Ideas for Your Home
Travel Theme Decoration

There is nothing more pleasing than being able to build. Holding your finished product in your hands is pure bliss. Knowing that you can make for yourself has a massive impact on how you exude energy.

You gain a sense of accomplishment, which may motivate you to start again. On the other hand, making something from scratch can take a long time if you don’t have the proper instructions. In some form or another, you’ll require inspiration.

Here are some travel theme decoration ideas for your home that inspire you.

1. Maps and Globes

Maps are a classic decoration and design item that expresses your desire to travel the globe. An essential point is not to overdo it. If you already have a large white 3D-framed world map on your wall, don’t hang another globe.

That’d be a complete disaster. So instead, keep it simple and elegant to make it stand out. Then, decorate the room in those colors (black, white, and grey) and make it the focal point. Finally, invest in a world map that allows you to paste photos of countries you’ve visited. You can do this if you like color and want a more graphic display.

However, you should expect it to take up a lot of room, but actually it doesn’t. For example, some globes glow from the inside as you mark countries you’ve visited, creating a dazzling effect.

2. Suitcases

Shopping is always enjoyable for a traveler. To transport your belongings back home, you’ll need sturdy suitcases. You might come across something more durable than what you had previously.

Bags tend to pile up, but those with stable body frames can be stacked on top of each other. Next, the suitcases create a focal point in the room. Next, re-decorate your living room with similar style items (rustic, funky, colorful, and antique).

3. Photos

Nothing compares to a nook full of memories. There are many things you can do with your photos on your own. You can create a collage, assemble a collection of photo books for your travel corner, or keep a photo wall.

4. Pieces From Other Countries

With decorative pieces from those countries, give a subtle nod to your favorite places around the world. Likewise, textiles from other countries can be used as weak focal points in your room while also giving it a global feel.

For example, on your floors, you could use antique Kazak rugs. Tapestries from other countries give your walls a soft, eclectic feel. By incorporating themes and designs from around the world, these pieces give your room a subtle travel theme.

5. Magnets

Because magnets are small and inexpensive to take home as a souvenir, they can quickly become clutter. However, if you designate a spot for them to be displayed neatly and tidily, it might just liven up a room. In addition, they can represent a location by using color and a distinctive design.

Like the Statue of Liberty in New York and Big Ben in London are the best landmark wall art for your room. The Dutch slippers represent Holland, and the Russian dolls represent Russia. Rather than sticking them all over the house, find a fun place where you can make an impression by putting them all together.

The Bottom Line

The best travel-themed decor is unique to you and your travel habits. Adding personal touches to your space makes it even more memorable. For more home inspiration, look through the archives.

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