Trinity International School: Give your child the best with an integrated, holistic, and empowering learning experience
Trinity International School

Pune is a bustling hub of learning and hence, owing to its association with the fields of literature, art, theatre, science, etc., it is highly regarded as ‘Oxford of the East’. New dynamic educational institutions are rising to prominence year after year. This has only contributed to constructively competitive relations between schools and between colleges, all striving for excellence in education.

Perhaps this is why it seems even more incredulous for a school to be regarded as one of the best international schools throughout the years all the while innovating its pedagogy to find the optimal solutions to the problems that arise in the journey of world-class knowledge delivery. We are inferring to the one and only – Trinity International School.

With the thought and philosophy deep-rooted in Indian values and rich culture integrated with a global mindset, Trinity International School endeavours to develop conscientious citizens. Citizens who are open-minded, innovative, creative, critical-thinkers, self-disciplined yet energetic in thought and action.

The Saga of Trinity

Trinity International School (TIS) was established in the year 2014 and since has grown from a primary to a full-fledged CBSE affiliated, senior secondary school with close to 700 students being trained and holistically groomed to face the challenges of the world outside.

Journey to becoming a brand

Nestled amongst the majestic Sahyadri range situated in Pune and built upon a vast green cover of 109 acres which is one of its kind in Pune, Trinity International School’s location itself was its biggest USP. With zero pollution and fresh air creating a perfectly conducive no-stress environment for learning and innovation, it was the most ideal school for city dwellers.

Through the years, its nurturing of young minds for the real world gained traction amongst parents and the revolution of the digital world propelled and brought to the forefront its unique teaching techniques, course curriculum, state-of-the-art infrastructure, it’s vast skill and communication based extra-curricular activities.

From podcasts on popular platforms – like Spotify, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, its flagship website – Trinity pioneered and conquered the digital marketing forum.

Leading from the front

Branding and visibility are now the keys to any product- or service-based industry. Teamwork at Trinity has been the sole reason for its strategic placement on the WWW today. From the very visionary Managing Director – Ms Harshada Jadhav, the leadership of the highly experienced Director – Ms Shakuntala Jaisinghani, the very enterprising and motivated Principal – Dr Rupali Dhamdhere to the zealous and experimental Marketing Head – Ms Nazneen Firoz, each one has played a very crucial role in placing TIS where it is today as a brand.

The EdTech perspective today

The EdTech industry was just about starting to thrive in 2019. The NEP 2020 and the pandemic, where the new normal of education has become hours of online classes, has given a massive boost to the EdTech industry. With no dearth of investors and parents willing to spend, with students willing to explore has formulated the perfect recipe for a very blossomed and lucrative industry that now has a major part in the economy of the country too.

Why Trinity shines above the rest

Trinity stands strong and disciplined in its approach to imparting quality education. From its internationally acclaimed pedagogy, innovative ways of staying connected to parents via ‘Happy Calls’ and coffee meets, concept of subject classrooms, internships for school going students, hi-tech campus and laboratories, Trinity pioneers on and has revolutionised the education system in Pune.

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