Tyson Foods has announced that it will Fund the College Education of Its Employees

Tyson Foods said on Monday that all of its 120,000 employees in the United States would get a free post-secondary education. The new benefit will go into effect this summer and will include postgraduate, undergraduate, and associate degrees and career credentials, literacy, and technology classes.

Tyson Foods will develop and deliver the effort in collaboration with Guild, one of America’s largest managers of upskilling and employee education aid programs. It will build on Tyson’s existing Upward Academy initiative, which started in 2016, and will include over 175 programs from over 35 institutions and learning providers around the country.

Tyson estimates that the increased investment, covering 100% of all tuition, books, and fees for the next four years, will cost $60 million. “Providing education benefits will continue to lay a foundation for personal and career growth for our team members,” said John R. Tyson, Tyson’s Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, in the company’s release.

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