How to Become a Math Teacher: An A+ Guide

If you’re good at math, you should consider making a career out of it. Keep reading to learn how to become a math teacher.

Did you know that 42 states have reported shortages of math instructors?

Unfortunately, the shortages don’t end there. The Learning Policy Institute conducted a study in 2016 that had some shocking results.

One of their data highlighted a shortage of up to 64,000 teachers nationwide across all subject matters. That number informs a projection of 316,000 teachers short by 2025.

What does that mean for you? If you’re wondering how to become a math teacher, there’s never been a better time. Not only is your career choice in the highest demand, guaranteeing both accessibility and stability, but the students need you more than ever.

Keep reading to see how you can change the world, one student at a time.

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree

Most schools require you to have a bachelor’s degree in either mathematics or education before teaching.

If you choose to go the route of education, be sure to have a focus on math. Similarly, having a mathematics degree is made that much better by also having a focus on education. Since math teachers do much more than relay times tables and formulas (i.e., making lesson plans, monitoring hallways, supervising field trips, teaching math in Canvas, etc.), it’s crucial for those seeking teaching jobs to receive a well-rounded education in education.

Once you’ve obtained your Bachelor’s, you’ll move forward by participating in a student teaching internship.

Finish a Teaching Internship Program

While you pursue your Bachelor’s, you should also complete an internship.

Doing so while still in school allows you to apply what you’re learning now, rather than having to spend additional time after graduation.

Teaching internships are a fantastic way to gain hands-on experience by working in a classroom under an education professional. From learning about instruction policy and administration to interacting with students, you’ll further round out your education—making the transition from student to teacher that much easier.

Additionally, internships place you in your desired teaching field, whether that’s a public or private school or even a college setting. You can work within the grade you ultimately hope to teach in.

Pass Your State’s Teaching Test

Finally, it’s time to get certified as a teacher.

Exams vary by state, but most states (over forty) use standardized tests called The Praxis Series. The point of these exams is to test your qualifications before you enter a school setting.

If you’re eligible for licensing, you’ll be able to gain certification after receiving a passing score (which also varies by state).

Receive Certification and Apply for Jobs

Congratulations on passing your teaching test!

Once you’ve received your teaching certification, you can begin applying for teaching careers within your district.

One of the best times to apply for a teaching job is late summer when schools know exactly what positions they’ll need to fill. Still, as we mentioned earlier, there are more vacancies than ever. It’s never too soon to start applying for work.

Now You’re Primed on How to Become a Math Teacher

You know the importance of math—that’s one of the driving factors for obtaining your teaching degree.

Now it’s time to impart your knowledge and passion into the minds of students!

Get started today by applying to colleges near you. Follow these steps on how to become a math teacher, and hopefully, you’ll be teaching others the benefits of math in a few years or less.

As you begin your teaching journey, don’t forget to come back to our site often for all the best education and career advice.

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