U.S, Among the Most ‘Sought-After’ Study Destination for Engineering

Every year there is a new trend emerging in the education sector. Among all other professional courses, engineering is the one which is misunderstood by people. Certain people still believe that engineering is all about servicing cars, fixing washing machines or even driving trains. The actual question hence to be raised should be what is engineering? Putting it in a simple way an engineer is one who can design and create useful ‘stuff’. Engineering is a vast and a global subject, and hence there are immense things an engineer can do in order to better the society. The recent advancements due to technology have introduced a new world of possibilities for an engineer. The only limitations placed here are one’s imaginations. With the passing time we can notice that engineering, as a course has not lost its gleam. A large number of students are still enrolling for this course due to the new promising opportunities. Students, who choose to pursue a career in engineering, are more confused about choosing the right college to get enrolled in. Due to the global demand there are countless educational institutions who are offering engineering courses. But yes, the best is what attracts both the parents and students.

The Abundance of Choices 

The United States has more than 300 universities which are recognized by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET); the national organization that ensures standard competence among the engineering colleges. Hence, there are no chances of doubt as it is very much clear that some of the best engineering colleges are located in the U.S. On a count, there are more than 200 universities which offer courses in mechanical engineering, and almost about 300 universities which offer courses in computer or electrical engineering. Apart from these major streams, the U.S has universities offering degrees in agricultural engineering (31), construction engineering (25), manufacturing engineering (31), environmental engineering (80), biomedical engineering (62), software engineering (22), and other such programs.

The Celebrated Academia

Another major factor that influences students while choosing the universities is its reputation. With more than 400 universities across the country, U.S has some of the best renowned universities that offer engineering. Stanford University, University of California (Berkeley), University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Texas at Austin, Princeton University, and Prude University are few of the best universities that offer engineering. Nevertheless, there is no need for an introduction to these universities as these are few of the globally renowned colleges of University. They are not only accepted for their academic excellence, but also for other varied reasons. Another major aspect of studying in these universities is the flexibility of the educational system. During the undergraduate level, students can choose different courses before deciding their choice for major. Hence, students find enough time to explore and find their interests accordingly.

Students studying in these universities are now flooded with the latest high-tech tools, introduced to the new and developed technologies along with top researchers of the field as teachers. This shapes the students for their better future.  The students are exposed to the real world during the academic sessions itself.

Employment Prospects

International degree in engineering has countless opportunities all around the globe and now added with the benefit of graduating from US will be a further advantage. Being placed in one of the world’s largest economy, students are now open to wide range of career options. It is observed by most of the researchers that engineers based in the U.S tend to earn much higher salaries than their equivalents in other countries. According to a survey conducted by PayScale , the average salary of an engineer in the U.S is US $76,061 approximately. Similarly, interns who are enrolled at the U.S universities get stipends per month, which is also a way of ‘Learning while Earning’. The students can get a chance of working in U.S. after completing the engineering course. The U.S government allows companies to employ foreign workers in arenas like engineering provided that they possess an accredited qualification from an U.S institution. Apart from that the international students are given an option of working on campus up to 20 hours a week. Most of the students utilize this time to find an appropriate intern program that would be helpful for them in the near future.

The Diverse Culture and Campus Life

Needless to say, most memorable days of a student are the days spent in school and colleges. The freedom, life style and fun filled life at American campuses are not new to anyone. Enrolling one of the universities in America is a gateway to break free from the previous world. The student experiences a change in culture, style and everything else. They are exposed to people from all over the world and thus introduced to a world of diversified culture. The campus life in the American colleges is not just about attending classes and lectures. The students here are encouraged to take part in other programs like sports, art and other co-curricular activities. Almost all the universities have an international student unit which takes care of the wellbeing of the international students and answers their queries.

Studying in U.S, not only benefits the international students with helping them receive a degree, but they are being trained by some of the dedicated professors. Graduating from a US campus will equip the students to chase the career they have always wanted and excel in it.  With the advanced technologies and guidance from the industry experts, a student is well trained to engineer his way into the world and create masterpieces.

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