Guidelines for Choosing a College Major

The most difficult decision which a student has to make that too right after their school is to decide about what to study next? They are confused with the ranging subjects, unable to decide which college would offer a better chance for them to outshine. Let’s say that choosing a college is as important as choosing a subject for your majors. Going by sequence knowing what to study takes an upper hand. Where do you see yourself in 20 years from now? Try answering this question. Very few can come up with an exact answer; most of the others aren’t sure. It is acceptable, worry, if you aren’t confused. People start to believe that without having a goal they cannot decide on what to choose as a major in college. Below are few factors which can help students think about it.

Don’t believe in any myths

There are countless myths that students receive while they near to those crucial days of choosing a major subject. Believe none! Don’t consider the opinions when people would walk you out from picking any liberal arts subjects saying that such subjects would lead you to unemployment. There is nothing that you cannot achieve if you have interest. Also know that as much as choosing a major is important, it is totally okay not to choose one too. Perspectives would change as one goes ahead. Most of them have drifted from their career path and started finding interest in other fields and have outdone in it too. All one needs is the willingness to accept the change and the courage to follow the field of your interest even if the initial path would be filled with hurdles.

Choose Brian Over Heart

This is the time when students will have people from all walks of their life giving an opinion on what they should do. Listen to none of them, let it be parents, friends or teachers even though all that they are trying to do is to offer help. Always listen to your opinion because that is what will help you in the long run. Don’t agree on, “Listen to your heart” here. There is a difference between choosing passion and interest. One’s interest would guide them to a path where they will find bigger and newer opportunities, passion will always follow behind. That is why being logical and listening to brain matters at this point of the time. Not everyone is certain about their passion. As mentioned before people tend to choose a different path once they enter the corporate field. Following one’s own subject of interest would also help in discovering passions.

Know your goals

There can only be one Einstein or only one Shakespeare, but there can’t be another you. As the quote goes “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”; analyze what you are good at. Question/ Ask yourself what do you want to do in future. There’s a propensity where students usually use to follow what their elders guide them through. Parents usually suggest with opinions like lawyer, doctor and engineer or any other profession. But pull yourself out from this noise and confusion and focus on your very own goals. There are many who haven’t chosen a goal yet. That is absolutely okay too, unless you decide to follow someone else’s goals. Here is a small tip which we can suggest, put your decisions into the real world. Think over whether you have decided to follow a particular path looking at its future promises, or because it stirs you deeply. A lot of things can happen overnight. Similarly the future is uncertain. So pick something which makes you wonder or which encourages you to study harder and most importantly which forces you to think about it in-depth.

Be an Adept

Following one’s interest or picking a goal is not enough. Be ready to bend. There is nothing that cannot be achieved without hard work. So only when world throws you in a situation where you want to quit, know that you are going the right path. Willingness to take up new challenges, study hard and exploring would make one skilled at it. Another major quality that one should have is acceptance. Being open to criticism and readiness to learn more will help you keep going. The designer of one’s future is oneself, with the world is getting competitive by every minute all one should focus on is to strive to be on top.

The above mentioned points can only guide one. However, it is the students who know what is best for them. Whatever subject you choose or whoever you choose to become, be the best version of it.

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