UAEU remotely accomplishes admission of 2,330 students for the spring semester

Al Ain, 14 January 2022: The United Arab Emirates University has completed the new student orientation program and the procedures of admission of 2,330 students for the spring semester 2022-2021, from all stages and specializations. The procedures were carried out according to the highest standards for continuation of the online learning, to ensure the health and safety of students considering the repercussions of Covid- 19.

The UAEU Student Affairs organized an orientation week for new 967 first-year students and 135 international students, in addition to the 980 students returning from the national service. In addition, it includes graduate students that are 205 students in master’s programs and 43 students in doctoral programs.

The orientation week included several lectures on UAEU academic life, such as: academic success, academic advising, and technical support, in addition to organizing an open day for colleges to help students choose their majors. Students were also introduced to the Student Happiness Center services, student activities and library services in addition to international students’ services.

The university administration stressed that it is fully committed to all security and safety procedures specified by the competent authorities, application of health requirements and comprehensive sterilization in all UAEU facilities. In addition, it provides health care for workers and students on a regular basis, which contributes to providing a safe healthy environment and best student life.

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