Unearthing your Managerial Potential
Dr. Himanshu Talwar | the education magazine

Anyone can enter the management world, but not everyone can be a manager. Today, one of the most valued jobs in the corporate sector is that of the manager. Only a well skilled and trained mind with managerial qualities procures this position. Often, it is believed that these qualities are naturally inherited in people but in reality, these skills can be acquired over time. Though there is hard work involved because the qualities of a manager are not easy to come by, but once you acquire these skills there is no looking back from this highly valued position. To unearth your managerial potential, it is vital to work on yourself in developing these skills.

One of the most important quality of a good manager is Human resource management and building a good rapport. A manager needs to necessarily have good human resource management skills to manage the employees as well as the clients and customers. This is the primary proficiency and the first step towards unearthing your managerial potential. Good communicators always get their way around people with words to persuade them and make them feel valued. Efficient employees and amiable customers are hard to come by and even harder to retain. A manager’s first task is to use communication skills to retain them.

Besides being a good communicator, a manager should also be a competent conceptualizer and critical thinker. Some people think that creativity has nothing to do with being a manager but it is imperative for a good manager to be creative in order to conceptualize new projects and to come up with the out of the box ideas to make a business grow. Critical and quick thinking requires a person to come up with solutions on the toe. A good manager should be able to analyse a problem critically bit by bit and come up with the best possible solution for it.

To sustain oneself in the managerial position, one also needs to stay technologically and socially aware. Being up to date with all the latest technologies and well skilled with them is a quality which every manager is required to have. The world is always moving forward and the best organizations have this in common that they are well aware of the new technologies as they are developed to meet the needs of the customers. Apart from this, a manager also should be socially aware in order to connect more with the clients depending on where they come from. Having knowledge of international affairs and social events is a quality valued by the customers. Every business has the goal of reaching international markets, this is not possible unless you connect with your clients and develop a level of understanding and trust. By being aware of the place they come from is an add-on to a good manager’s list of qualities.

Unearthing these managerial skills is the key to a successful manager’s role. Being a good manager is a mixture of all these skills packed into one box and to acquire it one needs to be patient and passionate. Once you are willing to work for it, success is all yours, Manager!

About the Author

Himanshu Talwar has a wide-ranging professional experience in public relations, facilitating setting-up of companies, negotiations, and market expansion of businesses. He has worked for the Government of Japan, Government of Poland, Government of El Salvador, Government of United Arab Emirates (UAE), and several corporate houses.

He has won two national level awards for a significant contribution towards management and vocational education. For more than a decade, he has been conducting trainings/workshops for professionals, and for students–school, under, and post graduate to guide them in choosing the right career path. He has many articles, research papers, and industry reports published in India and abroad to his credit.


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