Unity College Australia: A Stellar Performer in the Academic Spectrum
Unity College Australia| Jillian Pryor

“To bring transformation to people’s lives and society through effective, collaborative training”

 Unity College Australia was established in 1995 originally with a vision to train leaders in Christian Ministry. Over the years, the college has expanded to offer certificate and diploma courses in Music, English as a Second Language, Information Technology, Hair Dressing, Business, Leadership, and Management for both Australian and International students.

The “Skills +” campus in Canberra has spread over 65 countries represented by students and has specialist facilities for training courses in English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) – 10 week courses in English and a Second Language for international students, Management, Music, and Information Technology. After successfully running in its 25th year, the institute has over 14,500 students studied across a network of training centers in Australia. With almost 15 campuses covering ACT, Victoria, QLD, NSW, and Western Australia and it works with over 50 international agents across the world.

The college’s prime motive is to nurture Relationships and communication (learning together – a community of learning). It focuses on practical application (knowledge and skills for life and work) and imparting excellence (in attitude and skills).

A Plethora of Exceptional Courses

The college offers a wide variety of tailor-made programs focused on educational enhancement of the students. It provides a series of diploma programs and certificate programs which has been designed keeping in mind the current industry standards.

Diploma Programs:

BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSB50215 Diploma of Business

BSB50415 Diploma of Business Administration

BSB60215 Advanced Diploma of Business

ICT50118 – Diploma of Information Technology

ICT50418 – Diploma of Information Technology Networking

CUA50815 – Diploma of Music Industry

Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

Graduate Certificate in Christian Ministry and Theology

Certificate Programs:

CUA20615 – Certificate II in Music Industry

CUA30915 – Certificate III in Music Industry

CUA40915 – Certificate IV in Music Industry

ICT30118 – Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology

Certificate II in Salon Assistant

Certificate III in Salon Assistant

Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology

An Empowering Leader

In a course of few years, the college has undergone a rapid transformation right from being a local training college it has escalated to a national network. Jillian Pryor, the current CEO has served the college in various capacities for a rich period of two decades. Her qualifications  include a degree in Bachelor of Education and having pursued music major.

Helping her along the way is her husband and former college Director, who together introduced creative arts as a training area into the college. Jillian heads a staff team which manages the Canberra Campus and the partners across Australia. Her interpersonal skills have been hands-on and helped her build excellent long term relationships with partners, staff, and students. Her holistic approach and dedicated-self is well versed with compliance which makes a reliable  leader.

Celebrating a Proficient Learning Environment

The college has a pool of trainers consisting of various industry practitioners, who have worked in government institutions, the public service, corporate companies and community organizations. These trainers/ skilled professionals impart world class training and many students appreciate this kind of quality training for their masters also this makes the college stand-out amongst other universities. This serves as an added benefit for students studying at the college and  fosters learning through encouragement, challenge, and support. The college assist students to grow and achieve the most they can in their chosen area of study.

“We believe effective learning requires not just skilled and knowledgeable teachers, but the establishment of an environment based on sound values and involving trusting and respectful relationships. We are experienced in training students of different cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds and faiths. We are very relational in our approach, offering practical, moral and spiritual support to all our students”, adds the college.

The Accomplished Alumnus

Unity College Australia has a talented pool of students, who have graduated from the university and have made their mark in various walks of life. These students have grabbed prime positions in their respective fields and are forging their own ideal career paths. Listed here are some of the names of these students:

Diploma of Music graduates:

  • Amber Nichols:: Singer-songwriter, Finalist in national Australian TV competition “The Voice”, winner of ACT Music awards, “LivLi” www.ambernicholsmusic.com
  • Raylene Waye: Singer-songwriter; ABC National Radio, Triple J radio
  • Ian Pavletich: Recording engineer and music mentor; “Pav Music”

Diploma of Information Technology Networking:

  • Jamie McHardie: Manager, The Tech Shed, Canberra Community Care

Leadership/Christian Ministry:

  • Jaemin Frazer: Life Coach; “One Minute Coach”, The Insecurity Project
  • Richard Gallagher: School Principal
  • Emmanuel Omoding: Church Pastor
  • Priestley Obed: Church Pastor, Community Services with Indigenous Australians

 About the Career opportunities, Exposures, and Collaborations

The students undertake work experience during their studies and the institute brings in industry professionals to run workshops and do presentations with students. This helps the students interact with the top-echelons of the industry and learn from them. Being located in the Nation’s capital, the college have had opportunity to bring government leaders and politicians in to speak with its students. “Our students have found work in the areas of IT support, small business entrepreneurship and various work based experiences with hospitality groups and hotels.”

 The Unity College Australia has articulation arrangements with the following higher education institutions Alphacrucis College, Sydney and Southern Cross University, QLD.

The Future Steps in Expansion, Syllabi and Infrastructure

The college is currently preparing community services and hospitality courses for implementation in the near future. It is looking to extend the course offerings in some training areas to include Advanced Diplomas and also plans to set up and run a training kitchen and associated charity restaurant in Canberra, possibly the first of its kind in Canberra. With such initiatives, it marches ahead to step-by-step in the respective fields.

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