Queensland International Institute: Delivering Effective Education by Combining Active Learning and a Strong Theoretical Foundation
Queensland International Institute

Objective: The institute aims to provide a supportive learning environment, with vibrant and diverse teaching activities.

Established in 2006, Queensland International Institute (Qii) is a registered training organization (RTO). In 2012, Julie Soh took on the position of PEO and started focusing on building the foundations of Qii. Situated in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD in Queensland, Australia, the organization is dedicated to staying true to its core value ‘Education for Everyone’ and keeps this at the forefront of every decision made.

It has a state-of-the-art campus, which is equipped with kitchens, computer banks, printing facilities, and multiple student breakout areas. Ensuring a safe learning environment where diversity and inclusivity are promoted, Qii is committed to helping students feel comfortable and supported.

Emphasis on Educational Excellence

Qii is dedicated towards accomplishing the academic needs of the students. It provides opportunities for one-to-one student-teacher interactions. As the students work on their assessment tasks, it provides them with a challenging and diverse range of study activities. The institute operates an established system of structured academic counseling and feedback to help them progress through the course. Additionally, the study sessions are diverse and free-flowing, which eases things for the students.

Qii has always focused on becoming one of Australia’s leading training providers, delivering quality education to national and international students. It firmly believes that effective education combines interactive learning with a strong theoretical foundation. In order to maintain high standards and achieve educational and business objectives, the institute promotes the following values as central to all areas of the institution:

  • Free intellectual inquiry
  • Accountability
  • Academic and professional integrity
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity

Additionally, the institution delivers ELICOS courses in General English and Cambridge English. It also offers a diverse range of courses ranging from certificate II to advanced diploma levels in business, early childhood education and care, ageing, and individual support and hospitality.

Education for Everyone

The institution delivers excellent facilities to any candidate willing to pursue education. Whether a student wants to gain new skills to kick-start their career, return to the workforce, or start their own business, Qii offers a supportive learning environment with vibrant and diverse teaching facilities. It provides everyone the opportunity to achieve both their personal and professional goals.

Leadership’s Mettle

The personality leading Qii from the front is none other than Julie Soh, the PEO. She has been associated with the institution for over 6 years. Her unwavering dedication and excellent stewardship has led the institution towards the heights of brilliance and prominence.

Sharing her experiences, Julie asserts, “The success of Qii cannot be attributed to one person alone. Rather, it is the results of having a strong team of dedicated professionals who work every day to ensure they are creating and contributing to the best learning experience for all students. Each member of the Qii team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that has proven to be invaluable in building the Qii brand, and we strongly believe in identifying each individual’s strengths and bringing those together in a way that promotes collaboration and unity, while keeping true to Qii’s Vision, Mission and Values.

Maintaining an Environment Conducive to Students’ Development

The institute has dedicated teams of people who guide the students right from the beginning of their educational journey. It monitors not only their individual progression, but also the effectiveness of the institute’s products as a whole. The various academic, training, and student services teams are all actively engaged with students on a daily basis to provide assistance, support, and understanding. By creating such an inclusive environment, Qii has empowered its students to feel comfortable using their voices and making themselves heard. Each student has the freedom to provide feedback, seek assistance, and be part of creating an atmosphere that is result driven.

Stars of Qii

The institute has trained and educated numerous graduates who have accomplished various feats in the professional arena. They have made a mark in this highly competitive owing to their dedication and excellent performance. Of the accomplished alumni, two prominent students are Santiago Vargas and Diego Montiel.      

Diego’s journey began in Spain, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. After that, he got the opportunity to study in Italy before opting to participate in an exchange program with The University of Queensland while pursuing an internship with the School of Architecture. With the objective of enhancing his skills and to gain better employment opportunities, Diego selected Qii and completed a Dual Advanced Diploma in Management and Human Resources Management.

After two years of study with Qii, Diego was able to combine the experiences gathered from his previous degrees with the management skills he gained at Qii. Eventually, he was able to go to Sydney where he gained a position in construction management. Currently, Diego is the Construction Phase Manager of WestConnex, where he is able to use the skills he learnt on a daily basis to not only drive the project forward, but to effectively communicate and liaise with designers, architects, and consultants.

Santiago successfully completed Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Marketing, Diploma of Leadership and Management and Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources) from Qii. He was also part of QiiSA (Qii Student Association) and in early 2017 was appointed as Brisbane International Student Ambassador.

The same year, Santiago participated in two different internships centered on marketing before being offered a position with Study Brisbane to coordinate the Latin-American mission. After this position, Santiago became the Events Coordinator for the Lord Mayor’s Office and Brisbane City Council. In 2018, he went on to co-found Latin House, a not-for-profit organization, whose objective is to become a prominent Latin community hub that promotes culture and talent through public events.

The Career Horizon

The prime focus of the institute is to provide real life experiences with actual opportunities to the students. The courses offered involve role-play scenarios based on real work situations and in some cases, practical placement with established businesses in the community. At the end of the placement, many of the students are offered employment with the host business.

In the upcoming year, Qii is implementing a new initiative of organizing an annual career fair. During this event, industry professionals from each area of specialization will be invited, who will be sharing information on current employment opportunities and trends. This will go hand in hand with a variety of career-ready workshops on various topics including cover letter and resume writing along with interview skills.

Towards a Future of Endless Possibilities

The institution aims to evolve into a higher education provider, which will create more opportunities for further education to the current and upcoming students. Additionally, it is in the process of expanding its scope of delivery to include courses such as IT and network security and expanding its community services courses. To coincide with the higher education application and its increasing scope, Qii is currently in the process of looking for shifting to a bigger location with newer facilities and more opportunity expand as the business continues to grow.

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