Universitas Ahmad Dahlan: An Internationally Recognized Muhammadiyah University

The university is endeavoring to improve the quality of human resources and creating an awareness of the independence and good governance university (Good University Governance). It also focuses on developing specific values –Integrity, Solidarity, and Innovation.

Universitas Ahmad Dahlan(UAD), is one of Muhammadiyah Higher Educations located in Yogyakarta. It was first known as a B1 course of Muhammadiyah Education in 1956 after which it became Institute of Teacher Training and Education (1972). It was officially changed into Universitas Ahmad Dahlan in 1994. It has been striving to be one of the best universities in Indonesia, by applying its trademark tagline, “Moral and Intellectual Integrity”.

UAD has six buildings located in the strategic areas of Yogyakarta.

  • Campus 1 (Main Campus), Jalan Kapas 9, Semaki, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta
  • Campus 2, Jalan Pramuka No. 42 Sidikan
  • Campus 3, Jalan Prof. Dr. Soepomo, S.H. Janturan, Yogyakarta
  • Campus 4, Jalan Ringroad Selatan, Tamanan, Bantul
  • Campus 5, Jalan Ki Ageng Pemanahan No. 19 Sorosutan, Yogyakarta
  • Campus 6, Jalan KHA Dahlan KM 1, Wates, Kulon Progo Regency, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

The Rector’s Contributions towards the Institution’s Remarkable Achievements

Dr. Kasiyarno is the Rector of UAD. Since Dr. Kasiyarno became the Rector of UAD, there have been many rapid and sustainable physical and qualitative developments. Under the guidance of Dr. Kasiyarno, recently it was short-listed in a respective ranking “A” by the National Accreditation Board recognized by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education the Republic of Indonesia since 2017. It has grown cooperation networks with national and international institutions. It has established cooperation with a large number of countries, such as Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Japan, South Korea, China, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Career Opportunities

UAD aims to conduct quality academic programs, which are relevant to the sustainable development in the Islamic campus atmosphere.It has a comprehensive range of study programmes and research disciplines spread across 11 faculties and 43 academic departments. As a result, it is expected that the graduates can work in any field relating to the programmes they adopt in UAD such as Teacher, Lecturer, Researcher, Consultant, Editor, Author, Journalist, Civil Servant, Psychology, HRD, Programmer, Software Developer, Guide, Translator, Pharmacist, Judge, Attorney, Lawyer,  Broadcaster, Public Relation, Anchor, Presenter, Critic, Interpreter, Chef, Photographer, Nutritionist, Entrepreneur, Auditor, and so on.

In order to maintain the quality of education, UAD provides educational, co-curricular, and health facilities, which are easily accessible to the entire academic community. The improved quality and quantity of higher education are done along with the development of science and technology.

Notable Scholarships

UAD provides two kinds of scholarships for students, one for those students who are brilliant at academics and the other one for the students who are actively participating in interest-talent or scientific events. The scholarship which is for good academic background students can be accessed through the New Student Academic Achievement Scholarships, Academic Achievement Improvement Scholarships, Aid Scholarships for Academic Achievement Improvement Education Fees, scholarships for Al-Quran Hafiz (memorizer) students, BIDIKMISI government scholarship, and ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS).

Ahmad Dahlan Islamic Boarding School (PERSADA)

PERSADA is only provided to UAD students, built with the assistance of the Ministry of Housing of the Republic of Indonesia through the Rusunawa scheme and is located in Campus IV. It is built on an area of ​​2.1 hectares, consisting of one twin block building with a total floor area ​​2,568 sq.m. There are four floors with a total of 96 residential units, including one unit for disabled students. Each residential unit has an area of 21 sq.m and can accommodate 3-4 students.

Mosque and Spiritual Guidance

UAD has a mosque in each campus and the Islamic Center in Campus IV. It has a moral commitment to foster the Islamic spirit in the entire academic community. The activities of mental guidance counseling are also conducted among other activities. These activities include invocation and call to perform mandatory worship and Sunnah, monthly regular Islamic recitation of the academic community by the Institute for Islamic Studies Development, weekly Islamic studies on all campuses coordinated by the Takmir (Chief) of each campus’s Mosque and Al Quran Educational Park (TPA).

Future Plans of UAD

UAD routinely arranges the target plan in order to maintain its quality. By arranging the agenda every year, the institute expects to achieve its goals by 2020. These goals include Regional and International Reputation Achievement, Strengthening National Reputation, Implementation of International Standard Academic Activities, Implementation of Superior Research and International Recognition, PerformanceBased HR Management, Integrative Asset Management, Strengthening Institutional Management Capacity, and Financial Independence.

“Words of Trust”

Universitas Ahmad Dahlan has given me a huge scope of opportunities. It is a high quality state-university that creates a high-quality-student. I am blessed for being the part of this university. I would like to thank Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, for providing me such international type of platforms to channel my passion.” – Ika Suciwati – English Education Department (Bachelor Degree) -Batch of 2015

Universitas Ahmad Dahlan is a university expertised in technology and socio-humanities. It has a strong commitment to provide the best educational services in various fields such as Health, Education and Technology. It also supports students’ activities such as attending the National Dance Competition, International Level Choir National Student Achievement Competition, Innovator Competition and Student Creativity Competition. It also provides scholarships for the students.” – Vernandi Yusuf M – Electrical Engineering Department (Bachelor Degree) -Batch of 2006

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