Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta: Discovering, Developing and Disseminating Science, Technology, and Arts

“The university aims to provide the world-class education with piety, autonomy, and intellectuality as the foundational values”

Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (formerly IKIP Yogyakarta or Yogyakarta Institute of Teacher Education and Educational Sciences) was founded on May 21, 1964. About thirty-six years later, on August 4, 1999, the President of the Republic of Indonesia officially declared that IKIP Yogyakarta has converted into Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY). This university is also /eligible to offer non-education study programs. The institute has achieved the topmost positions among the best universities in Indonesia, and it has acknowledged the ‘A’ accreditation from the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education.

The university is well equipped and facilitated in the field of sports with an indoor stadium, swimming pool, archery field, basketball courts, softball court, soccer field, athletic track, fitness center, and indoor as well as outdoor tennis courts. UNY aims to conduct professional education, academic education, and vocational education in the field of teacher training. It aims to establish good university governance and maintain clean university government. UNY has succeeded in reaching the best rank position in the category of the best universities in Indonesia.

About the Rector of UNY

Prof. Dr. Sutrisna Wibawa was elected as the inaugural Rector of UNY, in the year 2017. Born in Gunungkidul, September 11, 1959, Wibawa is a Professor in the field of Javanese Philosophy./ He is an Doctorate from the Gadjah Mada University. He became the Secretary of Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs with his fourteen years’ of extensive experience in the management education. In 2015, he was entrusted with the responsibility of the Secretary of Director General of Learning and Student Affairs of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia. The university ranking has risen significantly with his effective leadership. His motto is: more action, less word, collective and collegial leadership.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Sutrisna Wibawa shared the goals of UNY, such as:

  • To develop pious, autonomous, and intellectual graduates who uphold the values of Pancasila
  • To unearth and disseminate, to invent and disseminate technology, to create and disseminate arts, and to develop and disseminate sports which support the regional and national development and contribute to answering the global challenges
  • To conduct community service and empowerment activities which enhance the development of human, social, and natural potentials apparently achieve the social welfare
  • To establish a good university governance and clean university government in implementing the university autonomy

Annual Events and Extra-curricular Activities

UNY conducts international seminars annually. Also, it conducts 23 activities, 28 international seminars of innovation for lecturers with the largest Scopus index. The series of agenda includes sports, arts, social, health, seminars or workshops, and dies natalis ceremonies. UNY is synonymous with a campus that focuses on education. Therefore, character education with character building innovation also becomes an important part for organizing agenda series from dies natalis.

Some of the other events are the festival of Wayang puppeteer, opening of Digital Library Building, and launching handbook containing 10 instructional models as referral of UNY as a whole. There are over two lakh books in UNY’s central library consisting of public works, philosophy, psychology, religion, social sciences, languages, fundamental sciences, applied sciences & technology, arts & sports, literature, and history & geography.

Career Opportunities and Exposures

Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, despite its new status as a university, has made a lot of efforts to improve its quality in order to be a leading university. Those improvements are expected to support its endeavors to become a world-class university. The students of UNY are prepared to work as an educator at the level of basic, secondary, and higher education in both the public as well as the private sectors. In carrying out the wider mandate, it offers 12 non-education study programs at the bachelor level and three-year undergraduate diploma levels in the following faculties: the Faculty of Languages and Arts Education, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education, and the Faculty of Engineering and Vocational Education. The non-education study programs include those offered in the Faculty of Sports Sciences and the Faculty of Economics.

The students are also equipped with vocational teachers, who guide them with the skills related to technical work, or vocational subjects. Vocational teachers teach in public and private schools, usually at the secondary education level (junior high school) and upper (high school level). They provide practical knowledge to their students, who can be directly employed after graduation.

The students of the institute are exposed to the implementation of academic education and excellence, creative, and innovative educational professionals. Students are also acclimatized with the implementation of academic, professional, and vocational education in a superior, creative, and innovative non-educational field. This supports the development of the field of education to form people who have expertise in their field of work. There are two types of scholarship available for foreign students, one is Darmasiswa RI Scholarship Program, and another one is Developing Countries Partnership Scholarship.

UNY always pursues the implementation of superior, creative, and innovative research activities that support regional and national development, community welfare. Also, it is contributing to the global problem-solving and the realization of cooperation with other institutions, both national and international level.

Notable Alumnus of UNY

UNY pays attention not only to its current students but also to its alumni. Therefore, the alumni center is provided to keep it well connected with the alumni. Some agendas related to the university alumni are also organized by this center. Some of the notable alumni are as follows:

Evan Dimas

Evan Dimas Darmono is an Indonesian Professional Footballer. He plays as a midfielder for Selangor FA and for the Indonesia national team. His fellow gave him the nickname of Anak Ajaib (Wonderkid) because of his talents.

Mohamad Hery Saripudin

Mohamad Hery Saripudin is a Consul General in Consulate General of the Republic Of Indonesia in Jeddah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Extensive Future Plans

UNY is targeting to become a leading university at ASEAN level. In the next two years, it is planning to stand on the top 1000 World-Class universities. Furthermore, in 2025 it aims to become a World-Class University. Therefore, the whole team of UNY is innovatively and tirelessly transforming the institution into a superior campus; not only in Indonesia but also in Southeast Asia.

 “Words of Trust”

Lia Karina Mansur- an International level Champion,

“UNY always gives the academic climate that supports the students, especially the athletes to excel as high as possible on the sidelines of a student’s main task to complete the study with a high GPA”

Janu Muhammad- M.Sc from the University of Birmingham, UK,

“UNY has provided me the special skills, such as; public speaking, leadership, and networking. All of these are proved to be essential when we graduate”

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