Universitas Paramadina: Aiming to Create an Ideal Model for the Enhanced Education

The University aims to respond to the challenges that are being faced by the nation in these ever-changing times, by developing a center of learning and culture that encourages creativity, and fosters the spirit of humanity

Situated at the heart of South Jakarta, Universitas Paramadina was established on January 10, 1998. It has two main campuses; one is Gatot Subroto campus for Undergraduate Program and another is Palmerah campus for Graduate Program. The institute is established on the two foundations; the Wakaf Paramadina Foundation, chaired by Prof. Dr. Nurcholish Madjid, and the Pondok Mulya Foundation, headed by Sudwikatmono.

Values, Character, and Competence

Universitas Paramadina holds Islamic, Modern, and Indonesian values. The academicians continually encourage broadening the knowledge, to gain a deeper understanding of technology and business, and to absorb the true meaning of a religious existence. They aim at transforming students into holistic human beings. Academicians conduct various activities to produce future scholars, leaders, and entrepreneurs with the high regard for ethical and moral values. Also, through these activities, the university builds the capacity to exploit existing opportunities for the benefit of the nation. However, the institute is committed at all times to think creatively, and works hard and diligently to translating idealism, noble principles and grand ideas into reality.

However, the vision of the university is manifested in its endeavor to develop knowledge by creating an environment for the campus as a center of knowledge and culture that appreciates and respects academic freedom. Universitas Paramadina strives to create graduates, who are not only adept at meeting the challenges but also have the depth of faith, inner sensitivity, broad insight, and an independent spirit.

Personalities behind the Success of the University

An eminent leader working for the development of the university is Prof. Dr. Nurcholish Madjid. He is the founding father and also the first Rector (1998-2005) of the institute. He is a prominent Muslim intellectual, who was eager to introduce the concept of alternative higher education institution, which has another important role as a center of knowledge, culture, and civilization. He has supported the creation of a campus environment that enriched with the creative scientific tradition and upholds the freedom of academic forum. He has built the values of Universitas Paramadina, Islamic-Modern-Indonesia, as a basis of the university development. Some of the other leaders behind the success of Paramadina are Sudirman Said, Ak., M. Sohibul Iman, Anies Baswedan, and Prof. Firmanzah.

Unique Academic Activities

Universitas Paramadina consists of three faculties, with eight study programs for undergraduate studies and four study programs for postgraduate studies. All the programs are accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education with excellent predicate.

In the year 2014-15, the university was granted the Best School of Communication award by SWA Media Group for Communication and Visual Communication Design Program. These are two popular academic program of the university. International Relations and Philosophy and Religious Studies programs are also popular among the students and have become the uniqueness of Universitas Paramadina.

Accomplished Alumnus

The University maintains regular interaction with its alumni. The institute collaborates with some business entities and assists in providing internship opportunities to many of the students and alumni. Some of the noteworthy alumni include Moreno Soeprapto who is currently serving as Member of Legislative Bodies of the Republic of Indonesia. Rinni Wulandari is a Singer and winner of Indonesian Idol. Tsamara Amany Alatas is a Young Politicians from Partai Solidaritas, Indonesia. Cholidi Asadil Alam is an Actor and Islamic Activist. Tatyana Sutara is a renowned Businesswoman.

Annual Events and Extra-Curricular Activities

Annually, Universitas Paramadina conducts many events among which  the most popular are:

  1. Grha Mahardhika Paramadina is a welcoming ceremony for the new students.
  2. Paramadina Leadership Camp is a leadership training program for all the students after they successfully complete their first year.
  3. Anti-Corruption Festival consists of Investigation Report, Integrity Campaign, and Poster Exhibition.
  4. Students Community Service is also carried out in certain remote areas in Indonesia.

Remarkable Educational Facilities

Following are the some of the faculties at Universitas Paramadina:

The faculty of Business and Management include the undergraduate studies for Management along with the postgraduate studies, which embraces school of business for Islamic Business and Finances, Strategic Finance, Marketing Management, and Human Resource Management.

The faculty of Philosophy and Civilization include the undergraduate studies for Communication, Philosophy, and Religion, Psychology, International Relation, along with the postgraduate studies. This embraces School of Communications for Corporate and Political Communication, School of Diplomacy, Magister of Islamic Studies.

The Faculty of Engineering Science includes the undergraduate studies for Informatics, Visual Communication Design, and Industrial Product Design.

The University’s Roadmap

“Paramadina 2025” is a blueprint of its future plans which is consist of three parts of development milestone.

  1. In the year of 2011-15, the university expects to become a Great Teaching University
  2. In the year of 2016-20, they expect to become a Great Teaching and Professional University
  3. In the year of 2020-25, they plan to become a Great Professional and Research University

Words of Trust

“Small but giant is the right title for Universitas Paramadina. Paramadina is a great place to seek knowledge, get along with a friendly environment, and develop myself. As an international relations student, the courses I get are very interesting and encourage myself to always learn actively through real cases and dynamic discussion about international relations issues” – (Melati Frisukmadina Mauluddini, International Relations program)

“The lectures activity at Paramadina was unique and exciting, the campus is small, but I get tremendous memory here. Small but Giant. I think the curriculum especially at Communication Studies is very updates and provides a broad and informative insight” – (Lintang Akbar Gumilang, Communication program)

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