Universities take Digital Currencies Seriously
Universities take digital currencies seriously - TheKnowledgeReview

The prime concern with the popular Blockchain technology is the serious dearth of competent professionals in this field. However, lately, many universities have started embracing the importance of this technology in modern economies. Blockchain basically aids encryption. Using this encryption technology, many institutions, companies, and people can share almost anything, ranging from money to medical records. At present, Blockchain technology is heavily used for digital currencies.

Recently, in order to meet the rising demand, IBM has even partnered with some premium institutions and is encouraging prospective aspirants through a series of grants. They are even collaborating to design the curricula and more.

Considering the fact that the demand for Blockchain specialists is rising from almost every sector, it seems quite obvious that many universities are joining the fray to dispense the hottest technology in the market. Even students have awakened to this demand that provides more than $250,000 in salary. A certain university in Bulgaria is also gearing up to offer scholarships to the few deserving incoming students in the form of Bitcoins that is powered by Blockchain technology. This innovative concept of incorporating digital currencies on the basis of the Blockchain technology has already been integrated in many universities across the world. The popularity of such digital currencies is getting a further boost from the on-campus communities that frequently conduct forums and seminars for the ones drawn to it. The buck doesn’t just stop at the premium IT hubs of Bulgaria. A University in U.K. is favoring online platforms over the conventional brick-and-mortar lecture halls as they have implemented the Blockchain technology for the disintermediation and disaggregation of higher education.

Even though Blockchain is recently getting this widespread acceptance, some US universities like Stanford had already leaned towards digital currency by launching courses on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies a few years ago. There were already certain online courses that facilitated a student to learn about digital currencies and Blockchain technology that powers it for free.

With the rapid surge in the demand for Blockchain professionals and with an ever rising popularity of digital currencies around the world, several universities have announced their intentions to design a special curriculum for the Blockchain technology to tap the latest trends of the industry.

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