University at Buffalo will Commemorate World Education Week
Education Week
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Nov. 13–17 is International Education Week, an annual celebration of the great variety on campus and an opportunity for the UB community to learn about different cultures.

According to professor and vice provost for international education Nojin Kwak, “making International Education Week a truly campus-wide celebration of our diverse community and many cultures is a high priority for us.” “We are thrilled with the enthusiastic reaction we received from academic departments, service offices, and student clubs and associations at UB regarding our invitation to join. We anticipate a fantastic IEW in November.

At UB, International Education Week is very pertinent. According to the Institute of International Education, the university ranks 25th out of 2,700 authorized U.S. universities in terms of international enrollment last year, with over 6,700 international students (including those on Optional Practical Training). Exchange agreements exist between UB and 111 institutions throughout 37 nations. International students at UB come from one hundred different nations.

UB is celebrating International Education Week with over a dozen free public activities that are available both in person and virtually.

Among the events the Department of Indigenous Studies is hosting during IEW are An associate teaching professor at Northeastern University’s College of Arts, Media, and Design named Sebastian Ebarb will give a seminar on November 13 titled “Design Aesthetics of Black and Native Social Movements since the 1960s.”

Six Nations environmental activist Makaśa Looking Horse gave a discussion on November 14th titled “Nestle Infringement on the World’s Water Supply and Six Nations of the Grand River.”

In honour of Native American Heritage Month, the Intercultural and Diversity Center is also hosting a number of events, such as a Dessert Hour on November 15 and a “Tough Topics” workshop on “Preserving Native American History” on November 14. the picture exhibition at the Global Gallery on November 16; this has become into a weekly ritual. Assistant professor of anthropology at Ramapo College of New Jersey Neriko Doerr will present a session titled “Phantom Japan: Unit Thinking, Fetish and Productive Illusions” on November 17.

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