University of Balamand Dubai: Providing Excellence in Education and Research

“We aim for excellence through the offering of internationally recognized academic programs focusing on the needs of the regional landscape and its socio-economic development.”

A strong reputation and enviable legacy for offering a holistic education was brought to the southeastern coast of the Persian Gulf with the establishment of the University of Balamand Dubai. It is an institution of higher education based on the values of openness, understanding, tolerance and enquiry.

The University has got a strong inheritance from the Lebanon based – UOB, which has already carved its niche since 1988 with nearly 17,000 graduates passing out across generations. Moreover, University of Balamand Dubai (UOBD) has also earned the valued accreditations from Commission for Academic Accreditation [CAA] and UAE Ministry of Education.

The Noble Commitment

Based on the American system of higher education, the core curricula are built on the rich multicultural environment of Dubai to generate graduates cognizant of the inherent-values in diverse world cultures. UOBD is dedicated to create an environment which fosters growth and communicates with varied aspects of knowledge. It educates men and women to be successful in their chosen careers, active citizens in their societies, generous in their service to others and reflective lifelong learners. The University is committed to excellence in teaching, to rigorous research, and concern for the public good within a context of inter-disciplinary openness and skills development. Moreover, it is also committed to the socio-economic development of the region by engaging the community and supporting the initiatives of its faculty, students, and staff.

Bright Road-map of UOBD

UOBD’s vision is to be identified as a leader in Higher Education, not only in UAE but also in the entire region. The university aims for excellence through the offering of internationally recognized academic programs focusing on the needs of the regional landscape and its socio-economic development.

University of Balamand Dubai believes in creating and maintaining a community where each student may pursue studies in an atmosphere of academic freedom and mutual cooperation. The campus has a climate of tolerance and mutual respect where students are encouraged to express themselves and to pursue activities within the policies and regulations of the University. UOBD promotes the spirit of inclusiveness. It is advancing on roads to become the best place in gulf region, where naïve ideas are efficiently tested and refined in the light of learning to impart valuable experiences of life.

The UOBD learners bring a wide range of experience to the university. It supports the students achieving their goals by inculcating the sense of commitment and dedication in their minds. As an American Education University, the importance of universities’ programs is clearly reflected through the range of offerings that broadens the education of its learners. Being an independent educational institution, UOBD is dedicated to play a positive role in the ongoing developments of growing societies in the region.

The Watchful Guardian

Dr. Walid I Moubayed is the Vice Chancellor and CEO of UOBD and also a part of the team of University of Balamand Lebanon. His contribution in bringing UOBD in its current shape has been phenomenal. He is one of the integral persons to UOBD, who is rightly credited for the inception and successful conduct of operations at the University. Dr. Walid is the person in-charge of preparing all files sent to UAE Ministry of Education to secure licensing and accreditation of the academic programs at UOBD.

Learning Streams at the University

UOBD has a wide of range of quality educational programs which the students can be immensely benefitted of.  It has started with two Faculties – the Faculty of Engineering (Civil and Chemical Engineering), Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, English literature and Language, and Professional Teaching Diploma).

  • Faculty of Engineering:

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Civil Engineering

  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English Language and Literature*

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mathematics

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Physics

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology *

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Special Education *

Professional Teaching Diploma (PTD)

  • Faculty of Business and Management:

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Healthcare Management *

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Risk Management and Insurance*

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Entrepreneurship and Innovation*

* In the accreditation process

Moreover, in coming two years it will further add the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts ALBA (Architectural Studies, Graphic Design and Interior Architecture and Design) to embolden its variety in educational offerings.

Scholarships and Financial Supports

The merit is cherished and well supported at the University of Balamand Dubai. Moreover, it is always ensured that the modest financial background of meritorious students never refrain them from attaining quality education. The university has its own framework for offering support in such cases.

  • Financial Aid and student work program: Financial aid is given to qualified and needy students whose financial situation cannot cover educational costs. The University’s financial assistance may be in the form of scholarships (partial or full), student work, or deferred payment of tuition fees.

To avail this facility, students are required to apply for financial aid to the Office of Financial Aid and/or an application for student work to the Office of Student Affairs which evaluates their eligibility on the basis of some predefined criteria like- enrollment as regular students, the need of financial support and good academic record.

  • Sibling Grant: A Sibling Grant (7.5% for second, 12.5% for third) is given when two or more brothers and/or sisters are registered at the University of Balamand Dubai. No application is needed to qualify for this Grant.
  • Scholarship Eligibility: UOBD students also compete to earn the merit scholarship on the basis of their SAT score. The criteria being follow is enlisted below-

A student scoring 1,450 or above in SAT is eligible to compete for a 100 % scholarship and 1400 or above is eligible to compete for a 75 % scholarship and a student scoring above 1300 is entitled to compete for a 50% scholarship.

Learning in and Out of Classrooms

UOBD believes that learning occurs not only in the classroom, but also through engagement in campus life and in communities and organizations beyond the university. UOBD provides a holistic education that equips the learner with the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to build up a bright future for the student personally and for the community. Its dedicated faculty and staff offer guidance and raise the motivation level to enable students to become a wise decision maker. Its resources, facilities, research experiences and rich extra-curricular activities ensure that the student spends efficient years and attains a rich successful journey during the time he or she is learning at UOBD and takes this beyond in the professional careers.

In order to keep a nice spirit between students and teacher, UOBD offers them a special lounge equipped with games such as table tennis, baby foot and dart board, in addition of the campus gym is also available to keep them physically and mentally motivated.

UOBD staff and faculty never stop promoting education among people. The university organizes ample number of school visits, career fairs, exhibitions and meetings with counselors.

Foundation for Splendid Careers

The methods of imparting education at UOBD is not only directed towards enhancing the human values and morals amongst its students, but also, it ensures that the students at the campus get efficiently equipped with the necessary skill-sets for achieving extraordinary landmarks in their career ahead. UOBD has a career service center which grooms the students all-along their study years at the university and further assists the students to be successfully placed in the competitive job market. The university supports all its students in ensuring success in studies and future careers, with its world-class education and friendly environment, and assisting them in realizing their potentials.

Words of Trust

“The environment is very calm and quiet, relaxing. Also, the teachers are thorough and friendly, welcoming and accepting of question-encouraging. The lounge is comfortable and while small, it is relaxing”

– Natasha Jeha

“I am glad I decided to start studying in the UOBD because firstly, the professors are great at explaining things in a simple manner, accept all types of questions and very helpful when you are facing a problem. The overall atmosphere of the university is nice and calm, including a student lounge and a garden were friends and I can have fun in our break. The experience here has been great”

-Kenda Alhakim

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