University of Houston-Downtown: Celebrating the Multicultural Vibe of Houston & Creating Global Leaders for Tomorrow
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The University offers programs that promote an inclusive community dedicated to integrating teaching, service and scholarly research to develop students’ talents and prepare them for success in a dynamic global society.

Founded in 1974, the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) is the second-largest university in Houston. Recognized as a distinguished institution in the University of Houston System, the University reflects the unique diversity of the city in which it resides. Sprawling more than 40 acres, UHD is a four-year university that has gained prominence for being both a Hispanic Serving Institution and a Minority Serving Institution.

Diversity is at the core of UHD, which is reflected in its student demographics. Approximately 48 percent of UHD’s student population is Hispanic/Latino; 22 percent is African American; and 10 percent is Asia-Pacific.

Each year, the University registers approximately 12,407 undergraduates and 1,512 graduates on its academic calendar. These students represent the Houston community, as well as cities throughout the U.S. Such statewide and national representation reflects the popularity of its academic offerings.

Located in the heart of Downtown Houston, UHD is just steps away from Fortune 500 companies, award-winning restaurants, professional sports, and world-renowned performing arts organizations. The University is woven into the vibrant streets of the fourth largest city in the United States and has urban appeal that celebrates the multicultural vibe of Houston.

Community Service: The Core of UHD Academic Culture

UHD gives importance to humanitarian values and encourages community service. Many UHD students, either individually or as members of an organization, participate in different types of community service projects from animal welfare services to neighborhood clean-up projects to assisting children and the elderly community. Last year, UHD students, faculty and staff donated more than 429,645 community service hours for humanitarian causes.

Holistic Development through Recreational Initiatives

In addition to delivering quality educational opportunities, UHD places equal emphasis on extra-curricular activities for its students. Greek Life, 90-plus clubs and student organizations, a 30,000 square- foot sports and fitness facility, 11 competitive Sports Club and 10 recreational sports teams showcase how the University supports and encourages a broader and well-rounded educational experience.

Qualitative & Affordable Education

UHD’s tuition fee is one of the lowest among Houston’s four-year universities. Students pay 16 percent less than the average tuition fee as compared to any four-year public university in Texas. The University also provides different types of scholarships, loans, grants and work-study options..

Notable Alumni

UHD has one of the strongest alumni networks comprised of more than 47,000 active members. These alumni are making their mark in a range of industries and contribute immensely towards local and regional economies through variety of careers. UHD notable alumni include:

  • Darrin Straughan, President of James Coney Island
  • Evelio Fernandez, Vice President for Goya Foods
  • Paula Mendoza, CEO of Possible Missions and member of the University of Houston System Board of Regents
  • Texas Rep. Mary Ann Perez
  • Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez

Academic Offerings

The College of Computer Sciences & Technology offers degrees in Computer Science, Control and Instrumentation Engineering, Safety Management, Structural Analysis and Design.

UHD’s MBA program, in the Marilyn Davies College of Business, is also popular among students and for three consecutive years, it has been ranked as the largest in Houston by the Houston Business Journal.

Apart from these programs, the Master of Security Management Program grooms cyber security professionals and the Insurance and Risk Management Program prepares students for careers in underwriting, loss control, claims adjusting, insurance appraisals, auditing, risk analysis and other aspects of the insurance industry.

Other academic programs of note include Criminal Justice, Data Science and Nursing.

Accomplishments Under Current Leadership

Dr. Juan Sánchez Muñoz is the President of University of Houston-Downtown. Muñoz earned a doctorate at the University of California, Los Angeles. During his career in education, Dr. Muñoz has taught in both university and secondary school classrooms and served as a university administrator. Such roles prepared him for the prestigious role of the President at UHD. He joined the University in April 2017 and since then, he has been an advocate for promoting quality teaching in the University and meticulously overseeing and guiding UHD towards the path of greater enlightenment.

Under Muñoz’s leadership, UHD has achieved the following accolades in higher education:

  • In June 2017, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board awarded UHD a “Recognition of Excellence” award for their Supplemental Instruction Program and later in the year awarded the “Star Award” for the Gateway Course Innovation Initiative aimed at bolstering students’ performance in gateway courses
  • The Board also awarded UHD with a Texas Affordable Baccalaureate Grant
  • Muñoz’s also helped launch the institution’s “UHD Here, We Go” capital campaign, which aims to raise $25 million by 2020 to support student success, faculty development, community engagement and campus expansion

Words of Trust

“UHD’s Insurance Risk Management program has had a profoundly positive influence on my career and professional development. It helped me to earn several scholarships including the Insurance Council of Texas AAA Scholarship and the Institutes CPCU Presidential Scholarship. The program also played a significant part in helping me land my dream job as a commercial insurance underwriter.”

Corey J. Nelson, Senior Bachelor of Business Administration Student
Marilyn Davies College of Business’ Insurance & Risk Management Program

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