The 10 Best Media and Mass Communication Institute for 2018

With the opening of satellite communication, mass communication has become an inseparable part of human life. The study of mass communication is comparatively recent in India, though its history goes back to the primitive age of the human civilization. Media Industry is booming and there is a dire need for professionally trained individuals who can think differently.

The emergence of Mass Communication as a major area of interest has immensely contributed to the development & empowerment of the society. As an academic discipline, it has rapidly acquired importance and become a major attraction for students. The information technology revolution has significantly contributed to the expansion of mass media. It has also posed major challenges for students, teachers and practitioners of mass media. The rapidly evolving technology scenario is changing the very complexion of the discipline in a manner unknown to any other area of academic activity.

The Knowledge Review comes-up with a special issue on “The 10 Best Media  and  Mass Communication Institutes for 2018” which lists out some of the outstanding Indian institutions on the path of creating drastic transformations. These institutions are setting global standards for Media education, research, extension and training, using state-of-the-art technology for building a knowledge driven information society and contributing towards human development.

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Lovely Professional University: The Game-Changer in Imparting Quality Education


Lovely Professional University aims to transform education through academic rigour, practical orientation and outcome based teaching. With a strong determination to develop and implement a relationship of cooperation between industry and academia, LPU prepares their graduates to be lifelong learners with strong analytical and leadership skills. LPU targets to develop global professionals and entrepreneurs with innovative spirit, tolerance and desire to make a difference to the society.

Lovely Professional University (LPU) is an ASSOCHAM’s “National Education Excellence” Award winning institution, accredited to the UGC. Being the largest university of the country with over 25,000 students on a single campus……..

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