University Life – Striding Towards Necessary Development
University Life - Striding Towards Necessary Development
University Life - Striding Towards Necessary Development

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” –  Neale Donald Walsch

Leaving home is an overwhelming feeling that also brings with it a sense of nervousness and fear as it can be the very first time. Stepping out of an atmosphere that has provided one with all the comforts necessary can be nerve-wracking, nonetheless it will always give people an opportunity to learn. It will help a person grow and understand life in a better way. Shifting to a new place and fending for yourself has benefits of its own. One learns to be independent and realize new things about life. For those considering stepping out of home or have already moved out without an inkling of knowing the next step, here’s a few things to keep in mind while doing so.

Home Away from Home – A Life Changing Experience

The decision of moving to a new place usually results in a set of mixed emotions being portrayed from loved ones. Though it is beneficial in the long run it is also necessary to understand the conditions under which this experience comes. Multiple times, one may find people questioning them about the decision to move out, but in the end it is necessary to stay firm on the decision. Creating another home for yourself can give one a plethora of new experiences such as learning to cook, funding your own demands and giving an entirely different meaning to life. But before leaving it is always essential, that the family is aware of everything there is and are eased into the idea of having you leave home. Do not try and leave during times of stress as it may affect the family considerably and you won’t find joy from within. But, make sure to give your goals the attention they deserve.

Upon moving out, every individual has a very prevalent question of what comes next. The endless options can also leave a person confused. But things can be made simpler by following a small routine which will ensure you can make the best of everyday. Go ahead and make a couple of small changes in life and you’ll see a massive progress in it.

Involve with Fellow Classmates – Being a part of a new course in a new city or country may make you feel apprehensive about striking conversations with new people. But just a simple hello can help you in becoming involved with the class. Joining other campus courses can help in increasing your social circle especially with people who may share common interests. This will also allow you to seek help in times of extreme necessity. It maybe possible, that when one shares a room with a complete stranger, you may not be in sync with each other. But, by making minor adjustments equally there are chances of developing lifelong friendships and if not one can even switch their rooms by consulting with the university.

Learning the Art of Budgeting – Being a student can be an expensive affair and in such cases it is necessary to plan ahead always. Learning to fulfill all your needs in a stipulated budget is always helpful in the long run. It will involve a couple of compromises but will eventually bear fruit when you earn your own money. University teaches you a lot about handling expenses effectively and is the first place where you find evidence of reality. Whether you’re earning the money by working part – time or your parents are helping you out, it will be a task to save up for yourself. Especially with no one around to stop you or limit the expenses, it will all be in your hands to handle it with care. Make a rough chart of monthly expenses and track down everything, especially the major expenses such as rent. Based on this, set down a daily expenditure limit which will make sure you save up majorly.

Find Ways to Indulge Your Creative Side – University life can get hectic and may even put immense pressure on you. But the mind will require some stimulation for its creative side and learning something new will also add another feather to your cap. There are various courses such as calligraphy, creative writing, learning to play a musical instrument and dance that can add onto a list of hobbies. This will also help you in utilizing any free time in a productive way rather than doing nothing. These classes will also act as a mind freshener and help keeping you stress free. Life is after all, about new experiences.

Eat Healthy – When people step out of their homes they tend to indulge in outside food a lot which is an unhealthy departure from proper home cooked food. This can immensely affect the body in the long run as junk food isn’t beneficial for the body. It will not receive the necessary nutrition to deal with the daily stress of the university. In order to have a healthy term in college, it’s extremely necessary to watch what you eat. Swap the pizzas and burgers for some easy and healthy food that you can cook for yourself. Implementing fruits and vegetables is imperative which will result in your body being active and fit. This will also help the mind stay ahead of itself and in turn providing better results for the body.

Keep Home Close – Homesickness is a common condition that a lot of first timers face. The decision of moving out does after all come at a cost that, you move away from comfort and embrace the tough. But, what you need to know is that home is never too far. All it requires us a phone call and with the technological advancements today it is extremely easy to even see you loved ones via video calls. If you stay within the same city try and visit them on alternative weekends while giving time even for activities on campus. This will help in striking a balance between the two and help you find comfort in both the places. Spending extra time in either of the places may again not allow for healthy growth with regard to new experiences. It maybe a tough task but nonetheless, you will always find your own place in the world.

Life in the college and in the real world maybe tough but it is one that will make you tougher thus assisting you in seeing the world in a new light.


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