Young India: Are They Ready to Handle the Technological Upheaval of the Country?

India is changing rapidly with its global involvements in the economic and technological sphere and is marking its place in the world as the next superpower. But to be on that position with grace, the involvement of the young crowd is most significant. The students and the technologically upgraded young crowd must be compatible with the change and ready to handle these new responsibilities. The new career opportunities and business scenario are emphasizing on this new mode of learning.

The Role of Educational Institutions

Schools and colleges play important roles in making future India ‘Tech-ready’. The new ways of teaching-learning methods that includes gadgets are availing international standards and, boosting the young minds a lot. These students are the future of India to make it more technically and economically strong.

The Oxford study suggests there is a possibility of around 69% of the current jobs in India will not exist in 25 years. But the rise of machines, from robots to smart software will add to multiple technologies and bulk jobs will add to mediocre to high-end human performance. Thus it is not surprising that the digital economy indicates in recent future approximately 37.5% of the global workforce possibly will be considered digital.

India wants to become an AI powerhouse and is speeding towards that. AI and VR are increasing the comfortabilities of life but to handle those technologies, India needs stalwarts. The technological institution and the engineering pedigrees are known worldwide for their international standard education. As per India’s University Grants Commission’s declaration, more than 10 million students have got degrees in science, engineering, technology and computer science in 2016-17, and the number is increasing every year. So it is evident that India will never fall short of tech and science educated students.

Research suggests, in China, there is a great push for AI education with plans to set up 50 AI colleges and research institutes by 2020 already in motion. Add to this, China’s rise as a robotics powerhouse on the back of a ‘Maker Movement’ encourages youngsters to take up making tech-intensive machines and robots. India is not far behind and is buckling up itself to compete with the Tech-giants of the world through multiple initiatives.

Work Environment: Real Time Situation

The Indian IT industry had started gaining prominence in the early 1990s when the multinational corporations started outsourcing basic, back-end engineering work to the country. Many of the systems which were being used then are still operational for sure. But IT services companies say new clients require new technology and thus adopting new skills are very important, while older clients tend to continue until they decide at some point to make a switchover. So it is important to acquire upgraded tech services and solutions which can work for the contemporary companies with a futuristic outlook.

Only getting educated with the degrees are not enough to get into the core of the current working scenario of India. As a matter of fact, ‘experience’ matters a lot to reach and shine in the newly open vistas of ‘tech-India’.

Working with big names are always has its own value to learn a lot about how the industry works. But at the same time, it is also very interesting to know that the entrepreneurial attempts have their own charm. These companies help to understand the market from the scratches, which eventually helps to invest the knowledge in upgrading a company’s system or procedure for enhancing the technological sphere. India is one of the fastest-growing countries for startup activity, after China and the U.K. is currently in a stage where the U.S. was 15-20 years ago.

India is walking to become an e-government and has already taken steps to reach the zone. For the last few years, it has taken serious measures and has steadily been enrolling its citizens into a nationwide database. Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometrics database, which has approximately enrolled around 1.2 billion Indian residents so far. As the fastest-growing economy with the second-largest population in the world, India has much to gain from opportunities to be part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In the last we can say, the stage is set and the world is ready to witness as India will take the centre spot in the technological upheaval of the world. Young India should buckle up to sing the ballads of the new era.

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