Unprecedented Increase in Western Australian Youth Education Funding
Western Australian

The state budget for 2024–25 allots $6.8 billion for education, a $224 million increase over 2023–2024. The Cook Government will spend an additional $410 million on modernized and new school buildings, bringing the total amount invested in Western Australia’s educational infrastructure to $1.6 billion over the following four years. financing for brand-new elementary schools starting in the 2026–2027 academic year. $2244.3 million will be used to provide more assistance for students with disabilities. An additional $15.6 million will be provided to the Early Years Partnership, which assists children throughout the most formative years of their lives.

The Cook Labor Government has raised spending for young Western Australians’ education in this year’s State Budget, signaling a strong commitment to improved educational outcomes and school infrastructure. In 2024–2025, a total of $6.8 billion has been set up for school education, a $224 million or 3.6% increase from the year before. An additional $391.3 million in funding has been allotted between 2023–2024 and 2027–2028 to Western Australian schools to guarantee they have the faculty and resources needed to handle enrolment growth and offer top-notch programs to every student.

Funding for public education will keep rising throughout the forward estimates to account for a rise in the number of enrolled students. In comparison to Semester 1, 2023, there were 3,992 more students (a 1.2% rise) enrolled in public schools in Semester 1, 2024.The additional funding for public schools in Washington state consists of $224.3 million for individual disability loading allocations and an additional $42.7 million for loadings to public schools in English as a dialect or additional language. $10 million in additional financing for the School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) will benefit students attending schools in isolated, regional, and rural areas.

In order to support WA’s expanding suburbs and enhance school upkeep throughout the State, the Cook Government is dedicated to delivering high-quality educational infrastructure for students in Western Australia. To that end, an additional $410 million will be invested in new schools and upgrades. This brings the total amount spent on school infrastructure over the following four years to an astounding $1.6 billion. The second phase of Piara Waters Senior High School will be built, with $73.2 million set aside to expand the student body from 750 to 1,650. Additionally, a variety of specialized facilities will be made available by this additional financing to support a comprehensive senior secondary curriculum for the school’s first year 11 cohort in 2027.

Eighty students will also have accommodations as part of the education assistance program.
The two new primary schools in Wellard East and Wungong, which are scheduled to open in 2026, will cost an extra $28.4 million. This raises the $90.8 million total investment made in four new elementary schools. Long-term transportable classrooms at Caversham Primary School will be replaced by a $26.5 million, two-story classroom block.

The cost of moving the Mount Hawthorn Education Support Centre to Lake Monger Primary School is $21.8 million in total. With space for 50 students, the new Education Support Center (ESC) will have classrooms, therapy, low-stimulation, life skills, and sensory rooms in addition to teacher preparation areas and accessible restrooms. At Lake Monger Primary School, an early childhood classroom block will also be constructed. Three additional public primary schools in expanding areas are to be built with funding totaling $88.4 million and are scheduled to open for the 2027–2029 academic year.

In addition to supporting project definition plans for upgrades to Como Secondary College and Esperance Senior High School, a total of $15 million will be invested to expedite the planning process for a new secondary school in the quickly expanding suburb of Brabham.
While plans for a new inner-city primary school planned for East Perth are moving forward, a $12 million investment in improved facilities for Highgate Primary School will help address enrolment growth in the inner-city area. The Highgate modular building will be built partially off-site, cutting down on the length of time needed for on-site construction and the resulting interruption to the school. It will be connected to the current two-story school building so that stairs and an elevator can be used for access.

Two new intensive English centers will get an additional $12.3 million in funding to support students in learning standard Australian English as well as the knowledge and abilities necessary for success.

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