Unprecedented Move to Revitalize Language Education in Government Schools

Government Schools Take Action to Improve Access to Quality Education

Ranchi District’s government schools will now be offering language classes for students in classes I to V during the first period. With this new initiative, students in the district will be able to learn a second language, expand their knowledge and skills, and gain a better understanding of different cultures.

The District Education Officer has issued a directive to all government schools in the district to conduct language classes for 50 minutes during the first period of the day as part of the School Education and Literacy Department’s Fundamental Literacy and Numeracy Programme (FLN). Additionally, the Education Department has provided these schools with special language books to aid in their instruction. By adhering to this directive, the students of these schools will be given the opportunity to receive the necessary literacy skills to succeed in the modern world.

The FLN, a collaboration between the Jharkhand Education Project Council and Room to Road, a non-profit organization, is launching across 50 government schools in Jharkhand – 30 of which are in Ranchi and 20 in Bokaro. As part of the program, students will have access to a child-friendly library for 45 minutes each day. With this initiative, we are equipping the next generation with the tools they need to succeed.

Kamal Mishra, Programme Associate at Room to Read, believes that instilling a love of lifelong learning in early learners is essential for their success; thus, providing them with engaging books and study materials to foster their interest in the subject matter is key. To make learning more enjoyable, Room to Read has created new color-coded books with stories, poems, and other concepts designed for young learners. Betul Sudhram, the principal of Kantatoli government middle school in Ranchi, remarked: “The bright colors of the books instantly capture the attention of the pupils, and the illustrations make it easier for them to understand the content.” Consequently, these books are sure to make learning more enjoyable and help students develop a love of lifelong learning.

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