Uppingham Cairo and the Rafa Nadal Academy Collaborate to Enhance Sports Education in Egypt
Uppingham Cairo
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Uppingham Cairo, a leader in educational innovation, is thrilled to unveil an exclusive partnership with the renowned Rafa Nadal Academy on a global scale. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing the realm of sports education in Egypt.

In a groundbreaking partnership, Uppingham Cairo is poised to introduce the “Rafa Nadal Tennis Program,” an exclusive initiative tailored specifically for Uppingham Cairo students, their siblings, and families. This program will immerse participants in the methodology that has proven successful at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca.

Beyond the confines of the tennis court, the Rafa Nadal Academy demonstrates a steadfast commitment to making a meaningful impact on youth development and education worldwide. This collaboration seamlessly aligns with the academy’s overarching goal of nurturing excellence and imparting vital life skills through sports.

Established in 2016, the Rafa Nadal Academy has emerged as a premier destination for tennis training, renowned for its cutting-edge facilities and top-notch coaching. Situated in Manacor, the academy attracts thousands of young individuals and adults annually, all seeking to benefit from its diverse training programs.

However, this collaboration transcends the confines of the tennis court. Uppingham Cairo, recognized for its Extended Hours Program, is pioneering a platform where sports education becomes an integral component of students’ daily routines. Within our unique on-campus facility, the Upp-Hub, the Rafa Nadal Tennis Program will take its place alongside other prestigious sports academies.

Uppingham Cairo’s dedication to developing a distinctive sports complex featuring international sports academies signals a significant milestone in Cairo’s educational scene. With five tennis and padel courts, our school facilities will afford students and their families the chance to train in tennis under the guidance of world-class coaches from the Rafa Nadal Tennis Program.

Our commitment to providing a comprehensive educational experience remains unwavering. Recognizing the pivotal role of sports in character development, Uppingham Cairo continuously explores avenues to deliver unmatched sports education to its students.

Dr. Tamer Tammam, Chairman of the Board of New Era Education, expresses excitement about the partnership with the Rafa Nadal Academy to introduce the “Rafa Nadal Tennis Program,” which will imbue our students and their families with the core principles of their training methodologies. This collaboration resonates with our dedication to delivering world-class educational experiences.

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