Upskilling, continuous learning, and professional courses are the need of the hour: ACCA Survey Report 2020
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

According to Learning and Development: Outlook in the Covid-19 year, a report by the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) shows that study on learning and growth is changing rapidly. The study conducted in India had responses from more than 102 HR experts, reflecting a complex blend of various styles of organizations and workers. While 73 % of the respondents had at least 500 workers or more, 23% were tiny companies with less than 250 staff.

The research examined the growing aspects of learning and development (L&D) for finance practitioners as well as the overall enterprise. There are many important patterns that lead to a growing global order. Such developments have a strong effect on how companies can work in the future and the capabilities required to succeed as individuals. The report points out that more and more individuals are eager to learn something different in the coming year to develop their knowledge and strengths and to incorporate the qualities required to be effective in the new age of COVID-19.

Traditionally, studying has also been face-to-face in India. Just 20 percent of participants favored face-to-face instruction with 50 percent of respondents favoring electronic learning. The study also showed that 60 percent of respondents chose mixed online and face-to-face instruction as one of the learning and growth approaches. How hybrid learning progresses in the future will be the secret to learning and growth, with online learning being the easiest at the moment.

The survey revealed that 69% of respondents sought short-term online learning acca courses of less than 3 months, while 33% were involved in courses of 3-6 months length. This pattern demonstrated the immediate need to build new expertise or to incorporate growing capabilities to the existing roster of professionals. The emphasis is primarily on specific knowledge, with 51 percent of respondents choosing a professional course and 21 percent a technical course. Just 16 % of respondents chose soft skills instruction.

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