Victory Christian International School: The Richness of Christian Tradition with a Commitment to Change World

Victory Christian International School aims to provide high school and college preparatory education with an emphasis on Christian character, academic excellence, and leadership development.

One of the best South Asian capital cities, Metro Manila has been attracting tourists from all over the world. The scenic beauty and vibrant culture are few of the attracting factors of this former and only (Asia’s) Spanish colony. Situated amongst this beautiful city is an educational institution which has been focusing on raising generations to soar high and to be the servants of God. Initiated in the year 2000, Victory Christian International School, is a Christian academic that provides its students an environment highly effective and conducive education.

Initially named as Victory Christian School and founded by Victory, a non-denominational Christian church, under Bishop Manny Carlos, this school’s aim is to provide high school and college preparatory education while emphasising on Christian character, academic excellence, and leadership development.

Moving ahead with the inception tale, the church officially turned the administration of school to two of its long-serving members, Mr. Wallace Panlilio II and Mrs. Sheryl Panlilio I in the year 2008.  Another remarkable milestone achieved by the school was in the year 2006 when it was accredited by the International Baccalaureate® Organization (IBO) to offer the Diploma Programme to its senior high school students. The school today enjoys an unmatched reputation and is recognized as one of the 19 IB World Schools in the Philippines and the first Christian IB School in Metro Manila. 17 years and running, Victory Christian International School is a home to servant leaders working in the system of faith, excellence, leadership, and love in a Christian environment.  The school aims to partner with families in reaching their children’s fullest potential for God. To fulfil this aim the school and its faculty partners with parents and work hand-in-hand. Together, the team nourishes the generations to be God’s servant leaders in future.

An Intimate Learning Environment

The physical environment of any school plays a major role in the overall growth of students. Environed with an aim to offer effective and conducive learning the school nourishes the young minds to outperform in their life and offer them learning that stays lifelong. The amenities of this school are comfortable, secure, and spacious enough for academic and extracurricular activities.  Spreading geographically, the school in the year 2016 extended the school renovated its facilities inspired by industrial rustic exteriors with bricks and wood accent colours and fresh landscapes.

Library: This section of the school is a place of learning for all including students, faculty, and staff. These members have access to this section always. The school had built this section with an aim to support and develop literacy and enjoyment of reading. The collection of books includes academic researches, story books, and novels for leisure and past time.

Science Laboratory: The school’s science laboratory is designed for lectures and science experiments. It is a venue where learners become observant, analytical, and explorative, gaining more knowledge through hands-on experience.

The Quad: Most of the school-wide activities and events are conducted here. VCIS’ grade school and high school students attend the daily morning assembly here.

Guidance Office: The Guidance Office pursues to provide help and guidance for the welfare of the students. It is open for all students who seek academic, spiritual, emotional, or social counseling.

Cafeteria: The school’s cafeteria is a place where one can witness harmony and sharing. It is where the students, faculty and staff socialize. Everyone at school utilizes this area not just to eat but also to increase their bonding. 

Academic Preparing Students for the Future

VCIS offers a unique curriculum which helps in training the young students to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, knowledge-lovers, and lifelong students. This brilliant academic strategy reflects the specific needs and culture of the children taught at the school. All programs are supported by current research practices of how children learn and share beliefs and values in today’s world.


Justifying the words of Maria Montessori, “Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of the society”. VCIS’ preschool program is the foundation stone for students with a glorious future.

Singapore Math, being one of the courses under this program aims to make children gain a better appreciation of Math as something useful for their daily routines. In this course students discover not only how, but why a certain Math concept works. The instructions range from the concrete (demonstrations using manipulatives), to the pictorial (creating a visual representation on screen and paper), to the abstract (solving problems). Singapore Math also links concepts (e.g. addition and subtraction) to one another, making them easier for students to understand and engage in.

Abacus Math, this subject has been introduced to children with an aim to sharpen children’s memory and lay a strong foundation of Math learning. This helps children develop a pictorial representation of the problem in the brain, making it easier for them to solve Math equations, place values, and understand arithmetic operation while training their visual, auditory, psychomotor, spatial, and mental visualization skills.

Language and Literacy, is yet another course introduced with aim to provide children meaningful language and literacy experiences, most of them injected in their daily routines. Through singing, spelling, reading, and writing, children develop their fluency, widen their vocabulary, and strengthen their command of the English language. Critical thinking and storytelling abilities are honed by practicing them full reading comprehension and encouraging group discussions.

In Calisthenics, the school combines health, creativity, and fun in our Calisthenics classes where children can expend their energy through simple controlled exercises, dances, and interactive play. Calisthenics program can also train them develop social concepts such as sportsmanship and teamwork while improving their health and fitness levels.

Learning through play, music and movement, mind mapping, character development, Filipino, Classroom discussions on the wonders of world, life skill training and other school events including both parents and teachers are some of the other programs for the pre-schoolers.

Primary and Secondary School 

Training students to be lifelong learners, the learning environment is focused on the values of Christian Character, Academic Excellence, and Leadership Development. The end goal of this program is to produce the next generation of world-class servant leaders who can lead with integrity and competence.

This learner centric academic program is anchored on the programmes of the International Baccalaureate® Organization (IBO); an international educational foundation motivated by the mission of creating a better world through quality education.

English; the students are trained to be thoroughly equipped in language and literature for the world beyond the classroom

Filipino; the main goal of the Filipino subject is to help build students’ confidence in their communicative skills and understanding of the Filipino language.

Social Studies; subject incorporates the study of history and society with biblical truths of the sinful state of man and the magnificent promise of God’s grace and redemption.

Math (Singapore Math); developed by the Singapore Ministry of Education, this course gives importance to the acquisition and application of math concepts and skills that are appropriate for students.

Going Beyond Classroom

Going beyond the conventional educational scheme, the school has also organized other activities to introduce students to a world other than regular subjects. This helps the students nurture their inner talent and outperform at every stage of the life. Developing Christian values, Athletic Programs, Clubs, Off Campus activities, Practical arts Servant Leadership are some of the extracurricular actives organized by the school.

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