Vital Traits of a Successful Principal
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The word ‘Principal’ is not just a noun; it is more than that.  It is a paragon to professionalism, integrity, disciple and intelligence. However as a profession, it is full of challenges. Being a principal is not at all easy. It is a high stress job which requires top-notch calibre to execute the given responsibilities in a precise and result-oriented manner.

However when it comes to perform, not all do justice to their profession. While some perform abysmally and lost in the race while others use innovative methods to make a mark in the industry. It is thus important to know what a successful principal does that makes him/her a legend in the educational space.

Students Remain their Focal Point

Successful principals always keep students at the centre of their every manoeuvre and never lose sight from students’ welfare.  For them, students are the first priority and all their actions and policies are directed towards the overall development of students whether it is related to students’ safety, academic growth, personality development or any other thing. Each of their decision is meticulously planned which creates a profound effect on the student’s learning curve. Such principals always focus to nurture, counsel, and educate each students while keeping the highest standards and discipline in place.

Open Door Policy

Principals have busy schedules attending guest lectures, conferences, seminars and other important meetings with top authorities and school personnel. These things are important as it provides special inputs to the principal for crafting further educational reforms. But not finding enough time to meet with teachers, staff members, parents and most importantly the students keep lose your grip from the ground reality. Successful principals understand the importance of maintaining dialogue with every stakeholder and always have an open door policy where everyone is welcomed to discuss their grievances in a swift manner. Moreover, apart from making yourself available, having good listening skills can help create a long lasting impression with others.

Always in Search of Long-term Solutions

Principals are the premier decision-making authority that always in search of solution of their existing problems. Sometimes quick fix works but it does not be a substitute for a permanent solution. Successful principals are many steps ahead with their peers and play smartly in every scenario. Such principals use a temporary solution in dearth of a permanent one and help avoid the deadlock over the situation. They always look into any problem with a minute level and simultaneously search for a sustainable permanent solution by looking at the broader picture. They understand that by taking cognizance of smaller issues ultimately the road towards reaching solution of bigger problem will become clear. And thus help save both money and precious time.

Source of Knowledge

Principals are the epitomes of wisdom. They should have proficiency in many vital areas including content and policy. Successful principals are the treasure of knowledge and should always be updated with the latest happening around research, technology, education and government policies. Ultimately, they are the ones whom everyone will tilt towards for asking suggestions if arises any queries. Both teachers and students admire a principal who understand the nitty-gritty every course that has been taught in the school. Moreover, good principals always offer tips, strategies and share their profound knowledge to enhance the learning environment at school.

Draft and Implement Policies

A nation runs through constitution and school runs through its policy. Therefore, every principal should be an adept policy writer who can craft policies keeping the school’s broader vision and mission in mind.

In a school, children from diverse community, ethnicity, religion and socio-economic status come to study. It is thus the responsibility for the management to provide equal accessibility to all vital resources to all its students.  By framing a policy which provides equality, discipline, and creative environment can lead students towards the path of ultimate enlightenment. Successful principals are proactive in their approach. They understand local situations, students, faculty and bigger objectives and problems much better than others and thus accordingly draft the rule book for the school. Moreover, they also stringently enforce policies in timely manner with keeping strong vigil on its implementation.

Believe in Delegation

A principal is always loaded with lots of work. Though, it is true that the best person should execute any particular task but it is not always possible for the principal to execute each operation. Successful principals believe in the idea of delegating. By distributing work, principals do get many benefits. First, they find time to look towards much bigger vision concerning the growth of school community. And second they find the potential of their junior sub-ordinates in handling critical tasks. Moreover, it also empowers the junior staff and make them feel valued and trusted. Delegation also gives a hint towards the person who can become your successor and also keeps your stress level to minimum.

Principal is the leader-in-charge of an institution. Every person closely watches the demeanour of principal in their school premises and tries to imbibe the good qualities out of them. It is thus important to absorb good qualities and that can help set an ideal example which people admire. Be the first one to arrive and last one to leave. Keep a smiling face and handle every adversity with grit and perseverance. Ultimately your reputation and success is in your hand.

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