Being Smart in Getting Your First Job
Being Smart
Being Smart

So, are you a new graduate, looking for your first job? Sure, this is the time you are feeling little nervous, feeling inexperienced, and mounting to get the perfect job. Trust me I have been there. As a writer, this is also my first job and today I am going to tell you some ways, which I wish I had done in order to strengthen my CV.

I am quite sure, that you have prepared yourself for the traditional ways; setting up your CV, job profiles on the portals, mock interviews by the universities and its placements cells etc. I also know that you have further prepared yourself in looking after the companies, understanding employees, standing out the resume from the herd and proving to the company that you can be the perfect employee that they will never have. The following things that I am going to discuss are not only going to develop your CV and skills but will also strengthen you as a person who will be well abreast with the corporate world. The following components can be called out as add-ons on the traditional ways of getting your first job but are mainly focused to get the industry-oriented exposure and boosting the CV to get the attention of the desired employer.

University Media Outlets

What you want is to search for the opportunities around the university’s campus. Build your sharp skills all the while building communities with the students. This will tell your employers that you are committed to your work and do not hesitate a single second in assisting your fellow team’s members and workers. For example, as a writer, you can contribute to the universities’ newspaper, hosts its shows, radio programs, seminars, workshops etc.


This entity will demonstrate your work ethics and will highlight that you not only work for money but you are heavily invested in the relevant program. This volunteering can further aid in setting a base for your future job if done in the same field. This experience will provide you with great life experience and will boost your CV. You will be attaining the relevant industry experience from the non-profit organizations, local charities, and universities. You can also set it up while studying and plan to volunteer in the spring break or weekdays at the local agencies.

Part-Time Job

This job will be the perfect component for your CV. This will back your CV and highlight you to be a perfect candidate for the corporate world.

Sports Activities

By acquiring the sports abilities, you describe employers that you are a team player and a proactive individual. They will see you as a person who is more active in non-work entities and is ready for taking initiatives, making you stand out of your traditional competitions.

Undertaking Responsibility

You can be a part of the student union and take responsibilities while adding experience and boosting a CV. It will also enhance your communication and leader qualities. It will accompany your volunteering work as well.


This is a perfect fit for the persons seeking a career in journalism, editorial, marketing etc. and similar fields. This will help your employers in understanding that you are willing to spend your time and energy in a project. Technology has also shifted and many free tools like WordPress are helping students in setting up their own worlds in just a few seconds. You can get plenty of attention and gain popularity with millions of followers. Plethoras of opportunities are left to be explored in the virtual world.

Create your Own Business

I do not want to you build a million-dollar company and render this blog completely in bogus. No, what I mean is to start taking small-small undertakings such as tutoring students in various activities and taking part in entrepreneurs competitions, putting your ideas forward and getting visibility all the while getting feedback. This experience will definitely give you a high priority when your CV is placed on any firm’s desk along with other candidates.

Sales Experience

Labeled as the best experience for the students, it develops communication, relation-building skills, selling through the local events, gaining a part-time job or there are plenty of sales jobs available.

Social Media

Join job boards and create your profile, updating with your CVs and skills. Sometimes, using these portals you can further enhance your skills with their tests and skill development programs. This is an extension of your traditional job finding methods. These portals can further be linked to your professional LinkedIn account. For your creative agendas, you can also link your Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts. Just be on the industry lookout and follow the industry and its trends.

So these are the ways where you can be smart in building your CV and stand out as the #1 candidate for your first perfect job.

— Anmol Preet Singh


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