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WAY American School

‘Good requires motivation. Great requires obsession.’

Historically, the people who have shaped the world into what it is today have been obsessed with something. When you delve into the pages of their journey, the seed of obsession is often planted at a young, tender age. One of the major factors credited to their success is their environment where the students’ curiosities are nurtured and grown. An obsession is a passion or preoccupation to learn more, to adopt a ‘learner’s attitude’.

To encourage an attitude of an eager learner, the learning foundation of each child should be established early on to develop their interests and tale. Having a personalized learning experience that is centered around the student and supports their preferred learning style and environment is what WAY American School in Brazil facilitates.

In our quest to find The Best American High School in Brazil, 2022’, we came across Thiago Reis, Executive Director and a curious learner from WAY American School. The following is a brief summary of what sets WAY American School apart and is the most recommended school in Brazil for the year 2022.

The First Step Towards the ‘WAY’

Beth Baker and Glen Taylor co-founded Centric Learning to deliver an advanced and meaningful learning experience for children, teachers, and families. Starting their journey in Detroit in 2009, by curating a project-based learning (PBL) methodology for schools, they began to build a learning environment for students inside and outside the classroom to meet their needs, interests, and schedules.

Part of Centric Learning, WAY American School was founded in 2014. Based on the values of Project-Based Learning and offering a complete High School program to its students from grades 9-12 in partnership with schools from Brazil and other prominent countries around the world.

Founded on the Cornerstones of Centric Learning

While working on their project-based learning methodology, the co-founders realized that their mantra to achieving their goal was “centric learning”, where education is curated to the individual student puting them at the center of their learning journey. Placing the school’s core values as the cornerstones, the Co-founders states, “By developing our learning management technology, we became more than just educators on a mission. As Centric Learning and as WAY American School, we are improving the way people learn. After a decade of constantly improving everything we are doing with students we are just getting started. A passion for enriching the human experience has led us to develop real-world global solutions with superior educational outcomes. Placing teachers and students at the center of learning.

A Leader in Learning

Thiago Reis is a veteran in the field of education, having spent more than ten years leading operations in Higher Ed and K12, coming from the Telecom and IT industries.

He says about his journey with the WAY American School, “When I heard about Centric Learning and the impressive work Beth and Glen were developing in Brazil, I was immediately intrigued. It was the right moment for this move in my career. I’m very honored for being chosen as the champion of their vision for Brazil.”

Talking about the team that he has assembled at the school, Thiago shares, We are a group of diverse talents who share a common passion for education and learning. Whether we are building lesson plans, platforms, or partnerships, our passion for enriching the human experience drives us to continue putting our students at the center of their educational journey.”

Active Teaching Methodology

With the use of Project-Based Learning, the school has established an active teaching methodology, which helps students interact with real-world problems, fortifying their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Speaking to the impacts project-based learning has had on schools, Thiago says, We work with thousands of students daily, and the positive impact of PBL on their lives in and out of school is evident. The feedback we receive from parents is overwhelming, who notice their child’s improved communication skills, ability to express themselves creatively, and sense of independence on their learning journey, essential to their future endeavors.”

Preparing Students to meet International Standards

Way American School is a high school program providing a US curriculum that closely adheres to international curriculum standards, preparing students to attend universities in the US and abroad. Regarding student’s global opportunities, Thiago mentions, “Our American High School program allows students to become more well-rounded – something international universities are always looking for and encouraging. Students have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the English language as well as many other cultures.”

He further adds, “For students interested in attending college abroad, our program increases the chances and opportunities to do so. Our results show how successful this approach has been for Brazilian students, with average SAT scores around 1300 points and an average GPA over 3.7, even as ESL learners,”

A Holistic Centered Approach

The CENTRIC Platform hosts a curriculum that is formed on the basis of more than 900 interdisciplinary projects that cover all the subjects from Middle School to High School.

“All content is developed by Centric Learning’s own certified subject area specialists in the USA. Our projects prepare and equip students to face the challenges of the 21st century, learning through collaboration, engaging in problem-solving, and leading by influence. All in a non-competitive environment that fosters their autonomy while ensuring they obtain full English proficiency”, states Thiago.

Developing 21st Century Skills

In this world where everything is highly competitive and fuelled by digitization, the need to stay relevant and develop the necessary skills required for the 21st century is vital for students to move forward.

Explaining how the inclusion of 21st-century, competency-based learning has helped to enhance the educational standards of the school, Thiago highlights, “Much has been said about the need to develop 21st-century skills for young people that are going to face an unpredictable labor market, but little has been done to change how K-12 education deals with this challenge. PBL provides an engaging solution for students by enhancing their technical learning, development of autonomy, and problem-solving skills.”

Curating Opportunities for the Future

WAY American School is more than just a High School program. It provides unparalleled support for students’ futures.  Thiago says, “Our College Advisors work with students to identify their strengths and advise them on the best educational institutions and careers to focus on their academic performance and skills, as well as their passions and dreams. They provide all the necessary support in the application process and taking selection exams from American universities, such as the SAT.”

Asserting more on the innovative mentoring methods, he further adds, “WAY American School has also developed an innovative mentoring program that allows parents to closely   monitor their children’s progress and provides students with the extra support when making decisions related to high school and their academic future, such as finding and defining the best colleges and universities to apply to.”


Cognia Accreditation Rating

In the year 2022, WAY American School has achieved a rating of 332.03 at the Cognia Accreditation evaluation, moving past its own record of 318.70 in 2017. Commenting about this accreditation, in particular, the school management says, “We remained above the average of the other institutions evaluated in the same network, which is 278.34–283.33. We are overjoyed and grateful to provide quality education to our students.”

Scantron Test Results

In May 2022, students took the Scantron test for the second time, which aims to assess the performance of our students in the standards of the American curriculum components in Reading. 68% of students scored at or above the grades expected for students in the same grade in the United States. The Scantron results will serve as a basis for curriculum development and improvement.


Students at WAY American School Brazil have consistently scored above average on the SAT. The total national average for the United States was 1060 in 2021, and WAY American School Brazil had a total average of 1274, which puts the school’s students in the top 15% of overall results. Moreover, four of the students are in the top 1% on the SAT, reflecting a great consistency in learning and education.


  • Centric Learning elected Top Distance Learning Provider in 2020
  • Centric Learning was named one of the 10 Most Promising K-12 Tech Companies of 2019
  • Beth Baker elected Crain’s 2019 Notable Woman in Education Leadership

Advice to Future Educators

Education is moving from the traditional model, in which students only receive information in the classroom, to a model that places students at the center of their education. Through active methodologies such as project-based learning and competency-based assessments facilitated by technology, students become the protagonists of their own learning experiences. Our focus needs to be on providing opportunities and developing new tools for all students to achieve success. This is probably the biggest challenge for educators in the near future.

  • Thiago Reis

On a Mission to Transform Communities

Stating in its mission and staying true to its vision, the WAY American School has always been on a mission to transform communities through educational means by providing the youth with the opportunities that encourage and engage them in holistic development. Envisioning the future of the school, Thiago asserts, “We want to achieve this by taking our programs to even more people and schools, focusing mainly on putting the students at the center of their own learning, making them more independent and more responsible for their success and their future.”


Studying at Centric Learning is clearly the best choice I’ve ever made. I learned a lot both at school and in my personal life. If I can give advice to someone who is not sure if they should join Centric Learning, my advice is to enroll because you will have the best experience of your life.

  • Isabella Moretti (Alumni)

WAY was something really special for me. It was a way to learn new things, practice and master my English while still having fun. In addition to giving the opportunity to make new friends, it also opens new doors, creating possibilities all over the world for people to study, work and many other things. Also, teachers are inclusive and well-prepared to teach various subjects. To sum it up, it’s worth the effort.

  • Bruno Adad (Alumni)

I can see how my daughter’s development has improved with the methodology used in the program. I commend the initiative in carrying out individual activities with my daughter. She arrived home delighted after one of these activities for having had the opportunity to read with the American teacher.

  • Andrea Giro (Mother)

WAY was a springboard at this stage of my son’s life. In addition to presenting a new way of learning, the acquired knowledge and experience were fundamental in allowing him to adapt to the United States and in his American study routine. WAY was a beautiful and fruitful experience for him. In addition to improving his English language abilities, the experience opened my son’s horizons to a new standard of living. It is a real investment for our children’s careers.

  • Ana Paula Oliveira (Mother)

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