What Are Successful Ecommerce Businesses In The US Doing Differently? 
Ecommerce Businesses

Have you ever looked at a flourishing business market and wondered what makes them such a huge success? Well, it almost always has to do with something more than luck!

When Covid-19 has many big and small businesses struggling and some of them even closing down for good following a bankruptcy, some others seem to be doing just fine and, not quite surprisingly, you would get to see several e-commerce names on the list.

E-commerce businesses are not immune to failure. They also tread on a risky path, although the market giants have somehow unlocked the superior trick to keeping their online presence alive and fruitful.

The Answer! 

Perhaps it is easier to know what you shouldn’t do instead of figuring out everything that needs to be done. So, when we think about certain e-commerce platforms performing well and beyond others, it is more about how they have avoided making typical mistakes or learned to overcome certain drawbacks.

According to analysts, websites are highly likely to come crashing down if the designers make it a tough deal to use, navigate through it, or the site itself does not convey the true product or service value that it is offering.

As complicated as it may sound, the solution is quite straightforward: The aim should be to make things easier, accessible, quick, and convenient for the customers.

For example, if a website is hosting a sale of a product/products, it should simplify the entire process of converting a potential customer to a buyer.

Some successful e-commerce companies have thus smartly focused on giving a smooth experience to visitors by simplifying the check out process using Apple Pay, reducing shipping costs, providing multiple payment options via phone, and ensuring that no hidden charges repel buyers from coming back in the future.

And this has been a huge success!

Large number of US stores and supermarkets that run online have opened multiple payment methods so even users without a bank account can purchase online.

Moreover, the website now accepts payments from mobile apps such as Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal to facilitate cost-effective billing and hassle-free checkout.

Transparency and The Need For Brand Purpose 

Then there are things other than a great user experience.

For example, Enso’s World Value Index put forward a study that showed that US citizens opt for brands whose purpose is aligned with their customer values. In easier words, they are looking for a business that motivates, brings out something better, and creates value.

Customers tend to not only remember such names but also often come back for more purchases. Simply giving an e-commerce business a purpose can be quite impactful in booming customer loyalty, yet another thing that current e-commerce leaders have apparently figured out.

Additionally, buyers are into transparent businesses. They wish to see a pin-pointed contact address, a place to run if anything goes wrong with their order, or perhaps a reliable contact number that doesn’t always leave the caller hanging.

Although such improvements have nothing to do with the actual nature of the business, it speaks volumes about how much a platform is invested in creating ease for its visitors. In fact, adding a simple “Contact Us” tab on the website’s homepage can drastically increase the confidence level of buyers as they look around for the product they wish to purchase!

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