What Does a Jade Stone Symbolize?
Jade Stone

Are you a fan of stones? If you’re not one of the enthusiasts yet, we’re sure that you’ll finally want one once you find out that they are eye-catching and serve their respective purposes, thanks to the attached powerful components of each stone.

Gemstones, in particular, are one of its rising stars. But a specific jade stone has caught the attention of many due to its signature shades of green that boast immense beauty, while the contributed meaning of Jadestone in the lives of people has also put it in the middle of the spotlight.

Where did it come from?

Jadestone is packed initially with a long history and was known to make its presence known before the Stone Age before being intertwined with the Maori, Meso-American, and Chinese cultures.

And as time passed, the meaning of the stone has evolved from being associated with harmony, virtue, and eternity.

Yet, for New Zealand’s Maori people, the jade stone is a vital tool for their heirloom pendants, like the hei-tiki and weapons. On the other hand, Chinese people and Meso-Americans have used the jade stone as a farewell item that they bury along with their loved ones to represent their hearts going into the same grave.

Moreover, the stone symbolizes protection for the deceased and the living that covers even the following generations.

The symbolism of the jade stone

There is a variety of symbolism for this stone. However, the idea of purity or purification, for that matter, has always been connected with jade.

Those who own jade stones believe that the stone processes the purification of the body through its cleansing properties of the energy field, which complies with the individual to address emotions, such as wisdom, acceptance, and love.

Apart from this, jade stones were also admired for symbolizing the human body’s nourishment and gentleness.

Jade holders report feeling nurtured as the stone’s healing properties are transferred to them, which creates the feeling of being elevated from the ground. Plus, a smooth added touch for caring to the heart.

It operates on the premise of self-sufficiency and harmony, along with the assistance of the body to reach the spiritual world using dream solving and creativity, which was later dubbed as a “dream stone.”

If you think that nothing is out of your reach with this stone in your hand, then you’re absolutely correct!

Jade stones have a reputation for taking the thought process to a higher level and an aid to several illnesses like stress and treating particular nervous system problems.

Not only that, but jade is perfect for those who are after a stroke of good luck and a reminder of friendships. It is a gemstone that unites people, after all, by creating a welcoming environment for individuals.

So, it indeed fits jade to represent self-worth, kindness, and overall self-appreciation.

The best thing about jade stones is that you can showcase your stone to others by wearing it as jewelry from dazzling necklaces or gorgeous jade rings that would surely impress anyone you meet!

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