What Leads To Pedestrian Accidents? What Are The Common Causes?
Pedestrian Accidents
Anyone who has had anything to do with the overwhelming task of finding out. This article will provide more information on these causes and why they happen.

Anyone who has had anything to do with the overwhelming task of finding out what caused a pedestrian accident knows that there are many different causes. Sometimes it is easy and hard to figure out what led to the accident, but to accurately report it, we need an understanding of some of these causes. Pedestrian accidents are often harrowing, and fatal injuries can worsen when a car turns into a pedestrian. With the number of people walking in cities around the globe increasing, it is essential to know about some of the common causes of these accidents. This article will provide more information on these causes and why they happen.

  • Distracted Driving:

A distracted driver ignores the road and how it is like other vehicles around him. Drivers are on the internet more often than others, and some may need to pay more attention to their surroundings. Many causes can cause distractions, such as the radio, cell phone, or kids screaming in a car. A distracted driver’s eyes wander off the road when they are doing something on their phone while waiting at a red light or juggling several tasks in their car. As a result, it can cause an accident even though it did not intend to happen. If you face this type of accident, then a San Antonio personal injury lawyer will be your best choice.

  • Weather:

The weather plays a crucial role in determining how accidents happen. When there is snow on the road, it can be challenging to drive, especially on a highway where it is slippery and icy. Thunderstorms are also prevalent during the summer when the streets are shiny from moisture and can lead to car crashes when an accident occurs between two vehicles or pedestrians. However, many people do not realize that winter poses risks other than snow, ice, and cold temperatures.

  • Impaired Drivers:

Impaired drivers are those people who have taken alcohol, drugs, or medications that affect their driving. There is a lot of alcohol consumed during parties, which is why so many cars crash every year on New Year’s Eve.

Drivers can obtain a GHB drug because it has sometimes been used as a date rape drug. It makes people tired, and they may not be able to drive in time if they have not accepted that this drug bites them. Pedestrians often make up for the lack of vehicles on the road because of limited traffic. There are more pedestrians than cars on roads during rush hour since there are not enough vehicles to fill all the spaces available.

  • Construction:

When road construction is on, there are times when drivers stop at the flashing blue light or change lanes. It can cause traffic to get arrested and pedestrians to get hit. Construction workers often only care about building roads and bridges. If you take the time to look out for them, you will avoid accidents caused by this situation.

  • Red Lights:

The red light has become a part of our driving habits and culture but is also hazardous. For example, drivers may be distracted when looking at their phones or adjusting their music player while approaching a red light that has turned green.

These are some of the common causes that can cause pedestrian accidents. Some of them are intentional, while others are accidents that happen with the intention of someone not paying attention. Other than the common causes, there can also be other issues with pedestrians, such as distracted walking, running, and jaywalking.

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