Women: From the positions of Social Disregard to the positions of Leadership
Influential Women Leaders in US Education, 2022

To know what’s happening today, let’s travel back to the times when women brought a significant change to the American education system. From 1790 until 1870 marked a milestone achievement in the history of America. It was this time when girls in American institutes outperformed their male counterparts.

In the mid-18th century, women in the United States were considered illiterate. Walking on this crooked path, education was the guiding lamp for women, especially young girls.

While the outperformance was at its peak during the last couple of decades in the 19th century, a famous accusation was circulated that restricted their movements in the education sector.

Did you know what that accusation was? Well, it might sound absurd, but it was rumoured that women using algebra, harm their reproductive capabilities. This, later on, resulted in the division of classes on the basis of gender.

Though this tale of women’s education in the US dates back a few decades older than a century, a defining change has been brought in the education sector. Today, women are not just limited to classes, but they are influencing people worldwide to follow their dream.

In the picture to find such women in the education sector that are bringing significant changes and inspiring a generation to contribute to the future, The Knowledge Review magazine went on a quest to find influential women in the US.

This edition, Influential Women Leaders in US Education, 2022, focuses on such women in the education sector who are influencing the future generation to contribute to the future of the world.

This edition aims to bring such women in the education sector into the limelight. The stories in this edition cover the endeavours of the influential women enhancing the education system and showcase the story where a woman went from being illiterate to leading the entire generation for the greater good.

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