World University of Design: A Steppingstone Nurturing the Next Generation of Designers
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It goes without saying that everything around us has design in it. Whether it is the working parts of a motorcycle, a fashion statement, promotional banner, or even something as simple as a pen, everything has the design aspect attached to it.

While the naked eyes cannot see the entire process behind, there goes a lot of time behind that a particular design to look and function as it should. Not only there’s function abilities that needs to be kept in mind but psychological aspects as well such as its color and appeal.

Therefore, for aspiring candidates, it of utmost importance to not only know such aspects but to master them so that they can shape the world with their thoughts and innovation.

Such significance of design compelled us to bring “India’s 10 Most Esteemed Designing Institutes to Watch in 2020” to life and commence the issue with World University of Design (WUD), India’s first and only University dedicated to education in the creative domain.

The university instills quality education via seven schools of design, developing skills for the present-day demands. These schools are:

  • The School of Design: The School of Fashion and The School of Communication offer B. Des (4 years full time) and M. Des (2 years full time) degree courses
  • The School of Management: Offers a BBA (3 years fulltime) and MBA (2 years fulltime) degree courses in design strategy and management
  • The School of Performing Arts: Offers BPA (4 years fulltime) and MPA (2 years fulltime) degree courses in dance and music
  • The School of Visual Arts: Offers BVA (4 years full time) and MVA (2 years full time) degree courses in Creative painting and Digital Drawing and Illustration
  • The School of Architecture: Offers a B. Arc (5 years full time) degree course

Alongside, the University also offers one-year diploma courses in Fashion Design and Graphic & Web Design and an opportunity to pursue a full time Ph.D.

The newly launched industry specific courses are

  • COMPUTER SCIENCE & DESIGN (4-years B. Des)

Brief about the University

The University is spread across a 12.5-acre campus with spacious classrooms furnished with all contemporary facilities. Such a set up complements students adequately to learn, design, and implement.

However, WUD still functions as a campus without walls. It offers diverse creative programs under a single roof, be it fashion, visual arts, design, architecture, or performing arts. The modern infrastructure adds to the quality of education and motivates students to collaborate with each other and let their imagination run wild.

While studying, students get to enjoy WUD’s signed MoUs with many international educational institutes to facilitate an exchange of students and scholars. Herein, they gain the opportunity to connect with international faculty and students. Consequently, this results in creative growth due to the exchange of ideas and allows students based on the realistic approach. After successful course completion, graduates enjoy UGC approved degree.

Design at Core

WUD understands that our nation is poised for growth in almost all the fields, including design. It believes that design is regarded as one of the critical aspects of making India competitive in the global marketplace.

Hence, WUD serves our nation through its cutting-edge, trans-disciplinary programs in the creative domains. It leads the industry with the vision; to be recognized for educational programs that foster creative expression, professional skills, intellectual capacity, conceptual development, interdisciplinary synergy, and adoption of the latest technologies.

At the core of its heart, WUD is instrumental in providing design aspirants with the most exceptional education to become successful design professionals

The Creative Mind Himself

A seasoned academician, prolific writer and speaker, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, has championed the cause of design education in India. With his unique vision and passion for integrated learning, he has been instrumental in not only highlighting the role of design-based education but in shaping modern India.

The curricula designed by him fulfill both the present and future needs of the design space, and help students ‘see beyond’ through his Research-based Masters & Doctoral programs. In his efforts to showcase the relevance of design education in the digital era, Dr. Gupta founded The School of Design in G.D. Goenka University in 2012 and The World University of Design in 2016.

Rendering Artists of Tomorrow

Conceding each artist as unique and different, WUD packs numerous experimental learning opportunities under its sleeves. By empowering students to opt for their own learning setting, access to excellent facilities, new techniques, and experimental workshops, WUD brings the first-hand experience to them. Therefore, students attain their true potential in the selected relevant field.

Adding to that, WUD is one of the few Universities to offer specialized programs in Industrial Design, structural and transformation design, design for interaction, or service areas. It is a steppingstone to the students who wish to turn their passion into a career.

Beyond the Standard Curriculum

Stepping aside from the notion of rote learning, WUD recognizes that student development in higher education is the integration of academic learning programs coupled with the broader issues of personal improvement and individual growth.

For instance, the Marshmallow Exercise at WUD facilitated design thinking, which is the ability to combine empathy, creativity, and rationality with meeting user needs. Second, WUD School of Communications students participated in Comic Con2019 showcasing their creativity and building confidence.

Likewise, artists in Residence at WUD School of Visual Arts was a program where academic and professional artists work together to develop new methodologies in pedagogy. The institute’s students also participated in the student’s art installation competition organized by FOAID.

As such, WUD adopts a holistic approach towards students’ academics and overall development alongside encourages them to take part in events organized by other educational institutions to bring out the best in them.

Hands-on Experience

Equipped with the country’s largest creative course catalogs, WUD offers quality education in more than thirty specialized UG, PG, and doctoral programs. Such power-packed courses led WUD to obtain the Erasmus CBHE project award in the very first year of establishment.

Erasmus programs provide a pathway for students to study in European Union countries, thereby giving the students the exposure, they rightly deserve. Furthermore, WUD has also partnered with INTACH for many projects, such as the students were invited by INTACH to showcase their research through, ‘Threads of Chanderi,’ a conservation exhibition on handloom sarees, put up in March 2019.

Such exposure not only provides students opportunities for practical learning but enhances their personalities, simultaneously broadening their vision. By becoming a member of Cumulus, undergraduates get a chance to explore and learn through the international association of Universities and Colleges of art and design, covering over 160 members in over 60 countries.

Moreover, WUD has signed MOUs with world-leading educational institutions to promote the exchange of students, scholars, and research topics on every subject, holding efforts to help students continuously.

On the local side, the University encourages students to participate in events like Delhi Times Fashion Week, the Auto Expo, where creative minds come together to showcase the best in their field of work.

Hall of Fame

Here are some of the milestones that the University has achieved in its mission of developing exceptional artists:

  • The youngest University to get ERASMUS+ grant
  • Student participation in the Delhi Times Fashion Week 2019
  • Full-scale 3D printed concept car presented by Transportation Design Students at Auto-expo, Greater Noida 2020
  • CULT annual cultural and design festival (participation from 70 colleges)
  • Fashion students at WUD won the Taurus Design Competition
  • Signed MoUs with leading educational institutions
  • WUD is a member of Cumulus

WUD’s Future Vision

The University indicates that for a developing economy like India, to focus on the ever-increasing digital industry becomes imperative. The nation must focus on design, be it product design, fashion, industrial design, architecture, or art.

Hence, for the forthcoming years, WUD seeks to bridge the gap of the rising demand for design professionals and produce research material too on the evolution, trends, and growth of design.

Furthermore, it plans to create more opportunities for students in creative industries such as architectural, building spaces, residential designing, visual arts. All in all, WUD intends to prepare future-ready students for years to come.

Word of Mouth

Here’s what some of WUD students say about the institute:

“I really appreciate the faculty at WUD who are really friendly, cheerful & passionate for their work. I feel lucky to have got such an environment to study”

-Dhwaj Jain, Fashion Design student from Delhi, NIFT Rank 702

“What gets me going is the freedom of thoughts & expression that I have got here”

-Isha Ralhan, Architecture student from UP, NATA Score 115

“WUD has helped me open my mind to possibilities. I am able to learn and explore more”

-Muskan Bagaria, Animation Design student from Rourkela, Orissa, Scored > 94 % in CBSE

“Thanks to all the personal attention I have received here, my observation, skills, motivation & confidence have all improved in a very short time”

-Sanjana Chauhan, Fashion Design student from Baghpat, UP

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