LISAA School of Design: AnAbode of International Design Education
LISAA School of Design

International education is all about the versatility of students and academics who travel to other areas of the world to learn, work or teach. The primary objectives of international education are the development of knowledge and cultural resources, the study of places and cultures and the acquisition of intercultural skills in the process.

However, all of this doesn’t come easily. While many hurdles can be sought out, the one associated with the financial disadvantage are the most dreadful. Many times, students seek international education, however, they cannot afford to do so; all because of finances. Even most times, parents dread their children living alone in a foreign country.

The LISAA School of Design was established, keeping the solution to the above question in mind. It was set up to make design education accessible to all aspiring students. The esteemed institution brings international design education to India at a competitive fee structure.

The institution not only works out the suggested problem;it also eradicates rote learning. The LISAA School of Design also brought to light the fact of inadequacy on art education (K-12). Students are oblivious of International Art and Design trends or even the Indian Arts from and their origins. Hence, LISAA took the opportunity of a design school that bridges the gap between the industry and the students.

LISAA is recognized by the Cumulus Association and practices with the industry while pursuing students’ academic goals. The institution has gifted designers to the leading organizations around the industry, including 3M, Salesforce, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Mindtree, Playschool, Livspace, and Interface.

To conclude, LISAAA ensures students are well-exposed to art around the school, design tactics, technical skills, creative thinking, and problem-solving techniques by the time they graduate.

The Dynamic Duo

Two dynamic personalities, Avi Keswani and Girish Keswani, are the limelight of the LISAA School of Design. Both these icons are the Director and Producer of the LISAA School of Design, CREO Valley School of Film and Television, and CREO Valley Productions, respectively.

After concluding her B.E in Computers from REC Bhopal, Avi pursued MBA from San Jose, California. She has been amongst the extremely few Indian students to have certified the NTSE examinations and several Math and Science Olympiads during her school years. Avi has also graduated with an International Business degree from the Thunderbird College, Arizona, working with a start-up in the Bay Area. She also reflects on reading, publishing, music, baking, and craft.

Prior to enlisting as the Board of Director in 2013, Girish served 12 years in U.S. high-tech companies to aid them in broadening their business using ultramodern technologies such as machine learning and data mining. Girish has handled the growth of sales with positive user experience in the Zynga analytics research and development department. In the activities of these organizations, he presently holds patents on his inventions. Moreover, he has been associated with leading real estate projects in the country since 2007.

A Culture that Harbors Innovation

LISAA is nestled in the heart of Bangalore city,the elevated-tech industry market. Having a state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge architecture that consists of a fashion design laboratory, MAC laboratory, computer lab, and studio for filmmaking, LISAA offers an innovative environment.

Furthermore, Bangalore being an international educational center and the Silicon Valley of India, is also an incubation advantage. The teaching approach employed at LISAA is a significant element of internships and live projects with the design industries.

All in all, LISAA Bangalore has an atmosphere that is multicultural and ideal for students around the country and around the world where every student’s imagination is encouraged, refined, and portrayed.

The Apt Curriculum

As a French Design College supported by CREO Valley Group of Schools in India, LISAA is a thirty-seven-year-old brand that stretches across many prestigious design schools in France. This historical legacy is in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Commerce in France.

In India, the college in association with CREO Valley offers degrees in Design from Bangalore Central University alongside the French Diploma. In this context, a student obtains two degrees during his time at LISAA.

  • Sc. (Fashion and Apparel Design) (3 yrs)
  • Des. (Interior Design) (4 yrs)
  • Des. (Graphic Design) (4 Yrs)
  • Des. (Animation & Multimedia) (4 Yrs)
  • Diploma (Graphic Design) (1 yr)
  • Diploma (Interior Design) (1 yr)
  • Diploma (Fashion Design) (1 yr)
  • PGDM (Interior Design)
  • PGDM (Fashion Design)

Students gain design abilities directly from a curriculum designed in France. The curriculum is revised annually and complemented by local artisans’ knowledge and training skills to offer a taste for the vibrant and lively Indian art scene.

Beyond the Curriculum

According to the institution, college life is meant to enhance the students’ overall personality and well-being. Hence, as the curriculum is industry-centered, training for the career at LISAA starts fromday one. Students are encouraged to participate in various industry partnerships and initiatives to strengthen their awareness of developments and standards in the sector.

While mandatory internships commence from the second year, with students expected to turn in internship reports when classes resume the post semester.

Alongside, there are diverse intra-and inter-college activities, including annual days, Opens Days (when students are provided an opportunity to demonstrate their work to industry professionals, peers, families, and prospective employers), sports days, ethnic days, and much more, which are arranged throughout the year.

The school also organizes educational trips to different cultural sites, art festivals and biennials to promote learning and to give the students an exhibition. Students successful at LISAA for the first three years are permitted free of additional costs to study at LISAA France.

Scaling the Future

LISAA will go on to be a preferred home for international design studies and to raise design awareness across the nation and motivate millennials to delve into their potential in the design industry. The school believes that the world seeks fresh designers, in these turbulent times when sustainability and human-centric design is the need of the hour.

For the forthcoming years, the school aims to draw creative thinkers and talented designers into the field, providing each student to engage in designing the environment of which they prefer to live and to feel fortunate to belong to.

Word of Mouth

Let’s hear what the students of LISAA have to say about the school.

“LISAA was a major change in my life. During my enrolment, back in 2013, I learned to see things and analyze concepts in a completely different way. LISAA is one of the biggest reasons I am a successful designer today. Currently, I am working in Dubai for one of the Global Design Firm. Thanks to the amazing staff and teachers, I was able to discover new ways of creativity. It was the best decision I have ever made, and I consider myself lucky to have pursued my studies in such an environment. The Reason Why I choose LISAA over other colleges was at LISAA. The approach is entirely different, and their learning by doing teaching Pedagogy is amazing.”

– Nihas R (Bachelors in Interior Product 6t Environmental Design) 2013-17

“The multifaceted exposure that I received at LISAA through des­­­­­­­­ign projects, internships, and guest lectures positioned me to make my mark globally as an entrepreneur. LISAA is a multi-culture mix: you can innovate from experimenting and experiment from the innovation, The Journey at LISAA taught me to look further than I can see.”

-Tanzeela Banu (Bachelors in Graphic, Illustration 6t Web Design) 2015-18

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