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Zinzendorf School

The city of Königsfeld is widely regarded by its admirers as being a safe, quite city fashioned around lush green gardens and hills spreading as far out as the eye can see. It is one of those places where one would very well want to spend the rest of their days, living life to the fullest. The climate here is pleasant all year round and the people are mostly amicable. And the natural scenery of the Black Forest makes for a great backyard. In the heart of this hub of tranquillity, lies the pride of Königsfeld – the Zinzendorfschulen (Zinzendorf schools).

The Zinzendorf schools in Königsfeld are one of the largest state-recognized private schools and boarding schools in Germany. Located on the edge of the Black Forest. The campus of the Zinzendorfschulen (“Zinzendorf schools”) has been a well-established place of learning and growth since 1809. Christian values and a cosmopolitan attitude are firmly rooted in its philosophy.

‘There are no dead ends, only turning points.’

This is the philosophy of the Zinzendorf Schools. The aim is to promote each individual according to his or her abilities and to lead him or her to responsible independence.

The different types of education which include secondary school level (for ages 10-18), vocational school and grammar school, let everyone choose his or her individual path: as a boarding or day student. The surrounding nature, leisure activities and the international atmosphere of the Zinzendorfschulen offer a comprehensive educational concept that goes far beyond the common curriculum.

Crafting “THE” Learning Environment

The Zinzendorf School campus is located in a small historic town center on the edge of the Black Forest. The beautiful surroundings, with high recreational and leisure value, offer many opportunities for sports and serenity.

The school offers to its students the opportunity through four different paths to achieve the Abitur (a set of exams taken in the final year of the secondary school), in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg is especially highly valued within Germany, and therefore to obtain any of the German secondary school leaving qualifications and various vocational school leaving qualifications, which entitles them to study any subject at all colleges/universities.

The different degrees offered allow students to follow a very individual path. In addition, the grammar school offers a bilingual teaching model in English, as well as the possibility of choosing between 12 or 13 school years (G8/G9). Students can even combine school with golf, thanks to the school’s cooperation with the Königsfeld Golf Club and a renowned PGA golf school.

The ‘Learning Campus’ is a separate wing with various workspaces, a computer room, and teacher’s rooms. Here and in the new ‘Learning Atelier’, students can learn in the way that suits them best.

Students can also attend one of the symposiums specializing in business and economics or through the pathway oriented towards social and health sciences studies. Both lead to the general higher education entrance qualifications in the years and it entitles the holder to study any subject at all colleges/universities.

At the Zinzendorfschule, there also exists the College for Social Pedagogy (one year). In order to attend the college, students require a proof of an intermediate school leaving certificate (promotion to class 10 (G8) or class 11 (G9) of a Gymnasium) or an equivalent level of education according to the ‘9+3’ regulation and a contract with a socio-educational institution for children or youth welfare (for the practical days).

The one-year vocational college prepares you for training at the “Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik” (training as an educator) or “Sozialwesen” (training as a youth and home educator).

Educators work in different areas, for example in day-care centers and crèches, in after-school care, in residential education, in recreation homes, youth centers, youth leisure homes, supervised playgrounds or facilities for children and young people with mental and/or physical disabilities.

Leaders of Past and Present

The sponsor of the Zinzendorf Schools, the Protestant Brethren Unity, also known as the ‘Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine’, is a member of the Protestant Church in Germany as a Protestant free church. The Herrnhut Watchwords and the Herrnhut Stars, which originated in the Moravian Church, are particularly well known.

Nikolaus Graf von Zinzendorf, who gave his name to the Königsfelder School Association, was one of the central figures in the history of the Moravian Church. As early as 1723, he founded an educational institution for girls in Berthelsdorf, Saxony, and from then on it was said: “Where there are Herrnhuters, there are schools.”

From the very beginning of the foundation of Königsfeld in 1807 by the Brüdergemeinde, it was decided that the new settlement would become a school location. Therefore, the history of the Zinzendorf Schools Königsfeld began in 1809 with the establishment of the girls’ institution.

Today, the dynamic Dr. Beate Biederbeck is leading this wonderful institution to new heights as the respected Headmistress.

Standing Apart

The Zinzendorfschule is simply more than just a school. With plenty of forestry and biotic factors in the Black Forest, leisure activities such as golf, sailing, archery, football, and many other engaging co-curricular activities, Zinzendorfschulen offers a comprehensive educational concept going far beyond the common curriculum.

The Zinzendorfschulen is the only school in the region offering two different school paths(G8/G9) leading to obtain the Abitur.

The campus comprises of a mix of modernized historic buildings and young architecture. Tablets, interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors, and an online learning platform owned by the school enable modern teaching. In addition to the regular school, our additional learning campus facilitates all aspects of learning where students can attend study blocks in the afternoon and get assistance from the teaching staff while considering not only students’ schedules but also their leisure time.

Holistic Development

School success and good fellowship are not the only things that matter. With additional offers, there is something for everyone. Students and the faculty can avail the 18-hole professional golf course of the local golf club and in cooperation with a PGA golf school. Archery, learning to sail on Lake Constance, skiing in winter or sporting adventures in the natural environment of the Black Forest are all the unique experiences that are available for the students.

The school’s large art studio, choirs and orchestras, and activities like theatre projects or learning a musical instrument, not only provide knowledge but also help strengthen the overall personality. On weekends, the boarding school offers excursions, activities, and joint experiences.

During the holidays, international students can travel to their respective homes or stay at the boarding school, which if they do, the language courses and/or suitable activities are offered.

Tribulations of the Pandemic

To deal with these uncertain times, comprehensive hygiene concepts put in place at the school and at the boarding school guarantee homogeneous stipulations and are regularly updated in close cooperation with the public health authorities. Parents also maintain a high level of transparency and regular knowledge of the processes and regulations, by employing digital channels. Masks are compulsory throughout the school grounds outside the classrooms.

In the boarding schools, there are exclusively single and double rooms which can function independently of each other. The boarders are divided into small groups; designated caretakers (social education workers/teachers) are their interlocutors for direct communication, management, and daily routines.

In the boarding halls, the boarders have PC rooms available for quiet study. On the study campus, emergency support can be organized for study in small groups during acute pandemic situations.

The school parish pastor is present to support students in special circumstances and counsels them for all their questions and problems. The school psychologist offers support to students and parents as well.

At Zinzendorf, telephone consultation and individual interviews for student admissions are always possible at any time of the year, and there are no fixed application or enrolment deadlines. The teachers can be contacted via individual school email addresses and other platforms which facilitate virtual meetings with students and parents. Engaged parent representatives and liaison teachers act as additional contacts for students and parents.

All students can use and have access to a uniform and free digital platform for online teaching with their own free account (Teams™ from Office 365). In this way, the school ensures consistent online teaching for all types of schools and grades.

The Games to Come

The Zinzendorfschule is aspiring towards:

  • A leading position in the education system through innovative pedagogical concepts and through the religious foundation.
  • Quality management works in the school are implemented both in the classroom and in the boarding school.
  • The school will continue to offer a boarding school experience that attracts both local and international students.

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