8 Amenities to Look For In Your Next Student Home
Student Home

Going to college is an exciting time for many. This may be your first taste of freedom and independence away from home. Naturally, moving away from home entails a lot of decisions to be made—one of these, your chosen student home.

Deciding on the right student accommodation for you is a major decision. It’s your home away from home. So, you have to be comfortable and happy living in it. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable where you’re staying, all because it lacks the amenities you want to have in a home. Student life in the university can get quite overwhelming and stressful, so it’s always nice to come home to an apartment or dorm room in The Landing or other reputable options in your local area, where you can feel happy and relaxed.

When it comes to amenities, the key is to look for the things that can make your life easier as you juggle both work and school. This article gives you a comprehensive list.

1. Good Water Supply

Water is essential. So, don’t skimp on this. Among all the other amenities and features you’ll be looking for, don’t forget this basic. Depending on where your college is located, there are some local areas where the water supply may be poor. This means when multiple students are running their showers at the same time during the school rush, the water supply gets so low. This can be a major inconvenience.

Be sure to ask about this. Otherwise, you may have to suffer through the situation of waiting for your turn until the water supply goes back up. Amidst all the other stressors you already go through as a university student, poor water supply should be at the bottom of your concerns.

2. Transportation Links

Location-wise, many students and their parents will opt for student accommodation that’s within walking distance from the school. But, when this is no longer available, you need to look for other locations which may now require you to travel by public transportation.

This latter option isn’t really an inconvenience for as long as there’s a transportation link nearby. This means that your student accommodation should be adjacent to the bus or train station, for instance.

The reason for this is more than just about the convenience. There’ll be days in your student life when you’ll finish late at the university. It’s not safe for students to walk alone or commute alone late at night. Students are usually easily preyed to crime. When your student accommodation is close to a public transportation link, this means even late at night, it’s busy and well-lit. Even if you have to go home late from the university, you don’t have to be fearful about being alone.

3. Good Wi-Fi Connection

Some student accommodations will have Wi-Fi as a part of the inclusions in your monthly payments, while others don’t. The choice boils down according to your preference, whether you want to subscribe to your own connection and pay for it yourself as a separate bill or have one already included in your rent payment. What matters most is that the connection is strong.

As you go through each of the potential student homes you’ll rent, ask about Wi-Fi accessibility. This is a must for today’s students. Not only do they use Wi-Fi for homework, but also all kinds of entertainment and messaging features to keep them sane and occupied. College life isn’t all about studying, and you definitely shouldn’t feel detached from the rest of the world without good Internet connectivity.

The Internet plays a critical role in many areas of student life today, including:

  • Connectivity, communication, and sharing, wherein some teachers will also use the Internet to send files or lessons to help the student attain maximum learning potential.
  • Banking and other bills, whereby many parents may also use the Internet to send money to their students. It’s also an advantage for students to have access to online banking and online bills payment, so that’s one less errand to run on top of a busy student schedule. It’s convenient to pay bills right from the comfort of their student home.
  • Entertainment, as students need a break from schoolwork. Think, watching videos, playing video games, browsing on social media, watching movies, whatever it is the student fancies doing during their free time.
  • Part-time work options. It’s not a foreign thought that many college or university students work after class hours. Many will do part-time or freelance work to earn extra cash. University life is the first taste of adulthood, and this also includes working to help fund the bills. Part of the student’s earnings may be used to pay their rent or their daily needs.

Technology is now used to the advantage of students as it brings about so many work opportunities, even online. This means that you can now work right from the comfort of your student home for as long as you have good Wi-Fi connectivity. You don’t have to be limited as to your hours of work as you have more control over your work-school-life balance by working part-time online.

4. Good Insulation

A poorly insulated and poorly ventilated student home is never a comfortable one to be in. You should choose one equipped with good ventilation. When you have a good, working HVAC system, especially on the warm summer days, you won’t feel the sweltering heat inside your unit. Consequently, on the cold winter days, you have warmth from the freezing cold outside.

Energy bills are one of the top highest bills that students need to pay. So, a well-insulated home with good, working HVAC units may help you become more energy-efficient. This means you aren’t paying for an amount any more than what’s actually necessary.

5. Security Features

Another essential amenity your student home need is a good security feature. This can come in either two ways: with a security guard on the first level, if you live in an apartment or condominium building, or with security cameras all around the public or common areas. Additionally, an alarm system and secure entry to your room should also be present. This is needed for you to keep you and your belongings safe from burglars.

Safety is of the utmost importance in student accommodations, given the vulnerability of students to fall victims to crimes. Being in a new place all on your own can be scary. But, it’s an added peace of mind for you and your parents when you know you live in a secure building or student dormitory.

6. Washer And Dryer

Moving to your own place for your university studies means mom’s no longer around to follow you around and pick up your dirty laundry. You have to do this by yourself. The option of going to a laundromat or laundry shop is there. But this can be an inconvenience for students who are busy. It’s an added convenience factor if your student housing has its own washer and dryer for you to use.

When you have your own, you can do your laundry as you please. You won’t have to walk or travel back and forth to have your laundry done. You can also have more control over time management. For instance, your professor tells you there are no classes for that subject today. If you decide to use that time wisely to do your laundry and catch up on your chores, that’s one tick off your list of responsibilities for the week.

7. Communal Social Spaces

No man is an island, and a college student certainly doesn’t like to feel isolated from everyone else. Apart from socializing with your classmates and friends on the weekend, it’s great to take a break with your other co-residents in the same building. Even if it means sitting for half an hour drinking coffee with your student-neighbors or watching the basketball opening in your communal living area is a major plus.

Look for a student housing option that has the availability of a communal space for you to enjoy, relax, and gather around with other students.

8. Ample Storage Space

Having ample storage space in your room and even in the building or student complex itself is another bonus amenity that’s nice to have. Even if you’re a minimalist, over time, you’re going to accumulate quite a lot of things as a student. These include your books, papers, and other learning materials. Your home will look so cluttered if there isn’t a provision for ample storage space.

Going even further, the storage space shouldn’t just be found in your own unit. There should also be a communal storage space where you can safely store things like your bike. You won’t also have to worry about losing your bike if you have to park it far or outside your home, without proper storage.


The list of amenities above should be your guide when you start searching for student accommodations. The list isn’t absolute, as you’ll have to factor in your personal needs and preferences as well. But, at the very least, it’s to your advantage to choose a student accommodation that has quite a wide range of amenities as discussed above. With that, you won’t ever fall into the trap of paying for a costly accommodation that lacks even the basics to keep your student life happy and comfortable. Bring this list with you as you narrow down your options, so the odds will ever be in your favor.

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