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The simplest way to describe the stock market: risk, reward, and opportunity. Investing in the stock market entails risk, but it is one of the most effective methods to increase one’s net worth when done properly. While the value of one’s property normally accounts for the bulk of one’s net worth, most affluent and very wealthy people invest the majority of their money in equities.

In order to understand the mechanics of the stock market, we need institutions that thrive with the ‘Learning by doing’ methodologies and delve deep into the different types of stocks, trading styles, investment methods whilst inculcating real-time knowledge and skill-sets. We need institutions like AGM Investment.

Established in 2016, AGM Investment is involved in stock market education and financial research. AGM is committed to helping people grow their capital in a smooth way.

The company’s research is always based on fundamental and technical analysis.

AGM Investment facilitates interactive learning of the stock market. They enhance the knowledge of the market to the next level.

The Indomitable Leader

Mr. Navneet Maheshwari (Founder & CEO) has taught over 1000+ aspirants on the fundamental and technical analysis of the stock market.

With over 6+ years of experience, he is capable of providing valuable insights to individuals and companies on how they can grow, diversify, and prosper to maximize their wealth.

Besides advising top domestic and multinational clients, Mr. Navneet is an experienced investor and trader in the Indian capital market. His mentorship and guidance have helped the company develop its consistent growth with excellent performance and impeccable track record.

Mr. Navneet regularly contributes his views in many domestic and international publication houses on the Indian economy, entry and exit strategy, investor psychology, as well as investments including media houses like Outlook India, Insight Success Magazine, CSR Times, Business Today, The India Saga, Achievers World, etc.

The Glorious Journey

It all started when Mr. Navneet Maheshwari graduated the 12th grade and a deep fascination for trading ignited in him. Without wasting much time, he opened up a Demat account. This early phase of trading transformed into a lifelong zest. But unfortunately, his efforts did not bear the desired results and he incurred losses.

After this rocky start, Mr. Navneet continued learning about the stock market, and after completing his post-graduation, he started AGM Investment in 2016. The journey from there was not easy either, comprising its own set of trials and tribulations. A major hurdle that Mr. Navneet and his team faced was that of acquiring the right clientele. In this regard, the first six months of the company were relatively slow. But in the economic year 2017-18, AGM Investment finally started picking up speed.

The organization started with the onus of educating the masses about important topics such as investing & trading in stock market and how investing work – all information that proves useful in the quest for financial independence and getting a firmer grasp of the investing and trading arena. The fact that when AGM Investment started, only 1-2% of the Indian population was aware of the market. Whereas, in the USA, close to 50% of the population either invest directly or keep informed about the market.

The goal was to change the general negative perception that many people hold about stock market. In itself, it is an ambitious goal. Fortunately, Mr. Maheshwari rose to the challenge and, with his perseverance and commitment to his noble vision, was successful in educating many individuals and organizations about the same.

At the Core

At its core, what AGM cares about is the satisfaction of its customers at priority. The fact that they get the best value-for-money is the prime mover for the company. With such priorities, you know that this company doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to building relationships with its clients and providing them with the best services possible.

The vast number of admirers of AGM Investments commend it for its world-class services and in-depth industry insights. Mr. Maheshwari adds by saying, “Client satisfaction along with the best possible services is of utmost importance to us. Like the old Hindi adage goes: व्यवहार है तो व्यापार है ‘. Consequently, we take every measure to understand our client’s business, their needs, their desired outcomes and devise strategies to help them achieve it all.”

The Market-induced Pedagogy

AGM Investment provides efficient modules of practical training for its members to turn them into proficient and competent to navigate the field of stock market. It does this by training their members in market hours with live demo trades for better understanding and implementation of what they have taught. All the demo trades which were sharing in live market by the team of AGM Investment have turned up with above 90%+ accuracy since from last one year and above. That is an astounding statistic for any organization just five years old at this point.

One of the key contributions that the company made to the dissemination of knowledge to its recipients is the revelation that ‘high volatility equals to high opportunity’. As there are ‘traders’ and ‘investors’ traversing the market, traders should avoid a highly volatile market. Investors, who put their money in for long durations of time without interfering with it much, should be proactive in high volatility market scenarios.

The AGM Group

In a world of change comes many opportunities: AGM Group has clear areas of demarcation, enabling them to deliver only the best of services that their clients have grown to expect and admire.

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