Gurudatta Training Institute: Endorsing and Advocating Holistic Financial Education
Gurudatta Training Institute
Gurudatta Training Institute

Today, there is an extraordinary amount of up to date and relevant information on any topic available, the access to it is getting easier with each passing moment. Thus, we can say that having knowledge is not a problem, however, what one decides to do with it is a matter of question. Any amount of knowledge is a waste if it is not put in use.

To understand this, everyone must know the value of knowledge they possess. “Scientia potentia est,”or, “knowledge is power” is a Latin aphorism mostly attributed to philosopher, Francis Bacon. One of the reasons why having knowledge is powerful is because, it is renewable and it can be used to bring change or empower others. In the book, Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari writes, “the best test of knowledge is not whether something is true but whether it empowers people.”

Gurudatta Training Institute understands this and endorses the value of being knowledgeable and using that knowledge to empower others. The belief, ‘Outperform with knowledge’ is central to this institute. It is one among the best institutes that delivers knowledge required to make money in all asset classes like; equity, currency, commodity.

Tailoring a Unique Educational Journey

Gurudatta Training Institute was established in July 2019. It has a comprehensive lesson strategy that allows all its students to have an inclusive knowledge about finance management and stock market training.

Expert faculties, alumni, and students of this institute form a community and together cultivate a culture that empowers and promotes learning. Let us see in detail how the institute and its community ensure that all its students are well-educated knowledgeable.

The institute conducts its lessons and plans its lesson strategies using real time data while all its training material is always updated in real time. Backed by industry expert faculties, the institute aligns both theoretical and practical approach to make learning fun.

Furthermore, the institute also has a close connection with its large alumni network, wherein the present students are allowed to interact with them and learn about the industry more. Furthermore, upon graduating form Gurudatta Institute, students are still permitted to use the data, knowledge and records, or any data that the institute possesses.

Completing this student-centric community of Gurudatta Training Institute are its avant-grade facilities. The institute’s infrastructure is among the best as has high quality desk-tops for using paid software and free software, classrooms with central air conditioning. The institute’s faulty has 15 years of teaching experience and has trained more than 15000 students till date.

Specializations at Gurudatta Training Institute

Below mentioned are the courses that the institute offers its students:

  • Technical analysis –Expert module.
  • Derivative – Expert module.
  • Commodity – Expert module.
  • Mutual fund – Expert module
  • Research analyst –Expert module
  • Investment Advisor – Expert module

Along with these, the institute also provides one-year free mentorship program. Very shortly, it is also planning to start a new course – Trade with GURU.

Holding the Torch of Knowledge

Having discussed about the peculiarities of Gurudatta Training Institute, it is important that we discuss about the enabler behind this comprehensive learning platform. The driving force behind the institute’s continued growth is Gurudatta G. Dhanokar. He is an empanelled trainer for NISM, a visiting faculty at BSE, NSE and many other reputed MBA Colleges. His 16 years of teaching experience and 20 years of industry experience has helped him acquire profound knowledge about the subject matter.

The Pandemic Dynamic

The global pandemic, coronavirus, has not only threatened lives, but has brought a massive standstill to businesses, educational activities, transportation, and so on. Keeping the current situation in perspective, Gurudatta Training Institute is presently conducting weekend online batches on a temporary basis.

The institute is offering various benefits to the students. It is allowing students to attend repeat classes for revision. Gurudatta is supporting the students on a daily basis for intraday to short term, to, weekly basis. It is also offering support for medium term to long term basis. The institute also offers benefits to global students hailing from different countries such as Australia, Dubai, London, and USA.

Gurudatta is also extending sessions on technical analysis and derivative to use it for equity in the Indian and US markets, major global markets, all major currency pairs, commodity market, and cryptocurrency.

A Focus on Skill Enhancement

Gurudatta Training Institute focuses more on offering short term courses and is designed to enhance skills of working professional and young students who wish to enter into the industry. The institute’s prime goal behind this is to develop a very strong skillset in students that will allow them to have a competitive benefit or stay at par with working professionals.

That is one set of the students the institute caters to. However, it also educates students who want to work in the financial sector. “Some student comes with a plan to get job with skills acquired and other comes with a plan they should not need a job after they acquired knowledge from us. We support both types of students,” comments Mr. Dhanokar.

We can safely say that with the world constantly evolving, Gurudatta Training Institute will continue its foray by offering new and advanced courses and will always be parallel with industry trends.

We are connected with our students and other prospects, and also provide daily updates regarding the market outlook our Facebook Page, Telegram Channel, blog, and Twitter.

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