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The Asian Business School’s (ABS) modern education approach is impacting and transforming the world of business & economics and reinventing the management rule-book continually. ABS started its journey with a mission to develop design thinking, innovation and creativity firmly into the mindsets of leaders of today and tomorrow.

A Hallmark for Academic Excellence

Asian Business School is an innovative center of academic excellence and one of the top colleges for PGDM/MBA in India, approved by AICTE. ABS as an institute, at its core, places emphasis on academic excellence, personal, and social concern. Over the years, ABS has developed its own identity. The hallmark of this identity and enterprising & pioneering spirit can be witnessed throughout the history of ABS. The institute has spared no efforts to constantly update its curriculum to world-class standards and deliver it in the most effective manner. It’s constantly scanning the developments in the world of business, in the society at large, and tries to proactively meet these challenges.

ABS is centrally located in the highly growing corporate hub of Noida and has a lush green campus with best of facilities. Its Wi-Fi enabled campus have technologically developed theatre style classrooms, theatre hall, seminar hall, tutorial rooms, open theatre, computer lab, indoor & outdoor sports facility and library with rich collection of books, latest national & international journal, magazines and reports offering one of its kind professional learning environment to students. At ABS, students are offered regular industry exposure through industrial visits, corporate visits, guest lectures, seminar & conference. Its students get deeper insight in industry through its distinguished lecture series LEAD – Leadership & Entrepreneurial Aspiration Development Program wherein it has hosted lectures of top management professionals, entrepreneurs & delegates from Just Dial Ltd., Nestle, Apollo Group, Samsung, SBI Cards, Hitachi, LAVA International Ltd., Micromax, Air India Ltd., Dell India, Ericsson India etc.

On a Mission of Converting Students Abilities into Managerial Competencies

The Asian Business School started its expedition with a mission of establishing well researched and pragmatic business practices to enable the students to meet the challenges of a fast-changing business environment in the new world economic order. Since its inception, it has constantly been moving towards the peak with its aim of developing conceptual and practical skills to convert abilities of students into managerial competence, required in today’s competitive environment. The ABS has a firm belief that a blend of relevant knowledge, skill and the right attitude is essential for the overall development of students which impels their growth & success in the corporate world.

The ABS mission is backed by its excellent pool of faculties, which have rich industry and academic experience. Some of the key faculty members include; Dr. Anubhuti Dwivedi–an academician with over 16 years of experience, Mr. Mukesh Hans–an IMI alumnus with 26 years of industry & academic experience, Dr. Sandhya Agrawal–a gem personality with 25 years industry & academic experience, Dr. Anu Nagpal–an expert in economics with over 10 years’ experience to name a few.

To strengthen managerial competencies of Students, ABS has made various international collaborations. It has an international association with the United Kingdom’s University of Central Lancashire. Also with, Northumbria University, Winchester University & Oxford Business College are some of the overseas institutions of higher learning lending support to ABS in management education.

Life at ABS Campus

Life at the ABS campus is full of learning about various academic & non-academic activities which offer 360-degree development to each student. Among the many assignments, classes, positions of responsibility, events, activity and clubs association, students are gainfully employed on a regular basis. Students interact, involve & participate which develop compatibility and camaraderie amongst each other. Students have classes till evening followed by library hours, technology center, and in all of this, the one which remains constant is that the campus is always live. The celebration of culturally diverse festivals, parties, and the fest make up the collage of life at the campus.

A Typical Day begins with classes at the early hour of 9:00 AM and all are expected to be punctual since there is a premium to be paid for tardiness. The 60-minute class sessions offer the best learning-based knowledge to students. One of the most distinctive features of the campus is that students run most of the activities, be it a club activity, celebration, competitions and many more such involvements.

The Key Personality behind the Vision

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of “Asian Education Group” has been the visionary behind the establishment and growth of ABS. He is an intellect with over 25 years of experience in various formats of education. In his long stint, Dr. Sandeep Founded & Promoted the First Private Film School of India under the name & banner of “Asian Academy of Film & Television” and served it as Director for 21 years. He has taught & trained 10,500 media professionals hailing from 28 states 5 union territories of India and 92 countries of the world in 42 different courses from 3 months to 3 years. After serving for such a long stint, he conceptualized the vision of establishing a Management Institute, offering the best of industry interface & academic delivery along with ‘top’ recognition in the industry.

Financial Aid & Extra Co-Curricular Activities for 360° Development of Asianites

ABS offers meritorious scholarships to students for their academic excellence after recognizing their effort and hard work. It also encourages students to participate in the national & international level quiz and other competitions, and research programs, wherein complete financial assistance is offered to students.

ABS hosts various national level annual events & extra-curricular activities such as Athleema–the Annual Sport Meet wherein students from 70+ Colleges/Universities participate in the event, KESSHET–the Annual Management Fest wherein students of 50+ Colleges/Universities participate. Apart from these events, students also get exposure to International Conferences & Seminars, where Industry Professional & Economist participate as speakers & delegates along with National & International faculties and students contribute with their research papers.

Asianites have always made ABS proud of their excellent performance, not only in Corporate, but also in Entrepreneurial sector. ABS is proud of their student entrepreneurs in the area of education, technology, manufacturing and hospitality. In a recent instance, Alex Joseph, a student of PGDM 2015–17 batch, establish a fully automated manufacturing plant in Faridabad, providing solutions to cardboard & wooden packaging by the name “Shellpro Packaging Solutions.” ABS alumni are presently working with prominent corporates like Dabur, TATA Group, Aditya Birla Group, Amazon, Honda Cars, ICICI Group companies, HDFC Bank, Nestle, and ITC to name a few and are highly appreciated for their performance and contribution.

The pathway from academic excellence to collaboration makes ABS as “one of the best PGDM /MBA college in India.”

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