Bachpan Play School – Nourishing Young Minds to Outperform Challenges

Bachpan… a play school platform provides an open arena to indulge children in the recreational activities with a perfect blend of technology and education.

Every child is dependent on external stimulus from parents and school environment for developing his perception towards the whole world. India, with its high population of younger children, has seen the several preschools and kindergarten starting in recent years. Bachpan is among the handful of them who have grown their presence with an exclusive quality of being persistent in the quest for excellence in nurturing the young minds.

Inculcating Values at an Early Age

SK Educations Private Limited (SKEPL) laid the foundational stone of Bachpan, a play school in the year 2004. The first school was initiated in 2005 and since then, the chain of pre-schools have grown multifold taking the total to more than 1100 schools in around 250 different cities of 24 states in India. Bachpan provides learning to the young buds for making a strong foundation of right attitude and knowledge at an early stage. It focuses on kindergarten learning to connect with the real-life experiences, activities, visuals and much more which helps in the grooming of a child. This innovative concept used to nourish the young souls makes the school stand out in the crowd.

Strategic Leadership 

Ajay Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of the company is managing this pre-school chain. He was brought up in Delhi in a simple middle-class family. This 47-year-old leader is in a steady drive to spearhead diverse industries, explored the finance, export & food segment with his passion and unparalleled skill sets. The visionary leader drives the strategic goals of the school chain and fosters development of school by designing and implementing innovative strategies and products. He leads the team with determination and oversees the daily operations of the company in the interest of all stakeholders.

Major Achievements and Awards

Bachpan’s efforts have been recognized by various organizations on different levels. It has been awarded as Business World Top Education Award 2017 – Preschool Franchisor of the year, Ed Tech Review Awards 2018 – Best Playschool of the year. At national level, it has received awards like National Education Excellence Awards – Play School chain year 2018-19,. The educational standard is recognized by DL Rankings 2017 where it is ranked as the Top Preschool of India.

Teaching Tools and Methodologies

Bachpan is applying to a modern approach along with a touch of Indian values in the learning and grooming of the children. The technical strength, alluring infrastructure, and unique activities are what it relies on. Unique play-way method helps the young minds to learn in an open environment through experience.  The curriculum is outlined by keeping in the mind the age factor. The learning sparks at each age are ignited differently with lots of activities conducted in a specified manner which enable kids to comprehend and retain better whatever they learn.

The Speak-O-Kit and Speak-O-Pen are the tools with a set of talking books which are used to convert the playschool content into sound, making learning retainable and enjoyable. Pritab and Prismart Smart Classes are used to connect the curriculum with the virtual learning. The school has introduced the latest blocks of technologies like Robotics, AR, and Virtual Reality. These are aiding the teachers to impart the content in an interactive and realistic manner. The school is nurturing a tech-savvy nursery generation that works smartly and easily to outperform others.

Nurturing the Innocent Kids

Bachpan has created an open platform for every kid to grow and prosper in the cycle of life. It provides a safe and nurturing environment for the innocent minds ofkids. As this is considered as essential to tap their latent potential and bring out the best in them. It enables children to develop an explorative and curious bent to absorb meaningful knowledge and become well-adjusted, inquisitive, perceptive, bright and interactive children, ready for formal schooling.

Teaching the Importance of Health and Hygiene

In concern for the health and hygiene of children enrolled in Bachpan, the school has special teachers available to conduct the activities to teach the basic mannerism to the toddlers. With health as a priority, it has a gym area equipped with the best of machines for children to undergo a physical activity regime daily. This area has equipment like a jogger, fitness cycle, stepper, and double twister. This program helps in developing the gross motor skills in a toddler and inculcating a habit of exercising daily. It has certain safety and hygiene benchmarks for every franchise associated with Bachpan.

Learning Enabled by Concept Rooms 

School’s activities are formulated following the unique pedagogy for toddler development. Concept rooms, Prismart technology products and curriculum of Bachpan together make up for the best of opportunities for learning, application and experiencing the knowledge for the toddlers. Concept rooms include art and crafts, ballroom, doll house, dining room, gym area, and splash pool etc. All the concept rooms are developed keeping in mind the ultimate motive of teaching the little ones about hospitality, traditions, mannerism, and etiquettes. For more information you can log on to:

Future Generations in Safe Hands

Working with a futuristic anticipating approach, Mr. Ajay Gupta has a vision and ultimate goal of opening 1500+ Bachpan centers across the country along with expansion in abroad by the year 2020. Along with a series of playschools, we also have a trail of formal schools under the brand name Academic Heights Public School (AHPS). With expansion at pace, the maker of Bachpan and AHPS are introducing a formal certification panel and arena for higher studies with Rishihood University that will be rooting in the branches of Education, Law, Agriculture, Commerce and Food technology. With an infra-rich structure, this university is on cards and will be launched in year 2019.

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