Birla Edutech: Enlightening Young Minds with World class Education

The institution has pledged to prepare economically independent, skilled and innovative individuals, who will be leaders in their respective fields and committed to protecting, preserving the social and physical environment while building a just and humane world.

An institution that has pledged to offer the best education which is not only the mugging up the syllabus but the fulfillment of being a superior human being with all the finer feelings and intellectual up-gradation from the blooming days, Birla Edutech has reached its goal in the most prolific manner. The Birla family has a legacy of nation-building and understands the importance of a high-quality education system. Birla Edutech Ltd. (BEL), an initiative of The Yash Birla Group, brings under one umbrella, a series of educational endeavors across India via Preschools, K12 schools and Teacher Training Institutes. BEL has successfully entered the preschool and K12 school sector across 14 states, 47 cities with over 70 schools in India.

Nurturing Young Minds

Providing a strong base in scholastic and co-scholastic aspects creates a flourishing future for all children right from the early years. The methodologies are important to impart a unique curriculum and integrated and thematic learning. Birla Edutech emphasizes these factors to give the best to the kids in the initial study days.

Ensuring the Best Budding Days

The Birla Edutech curriculum is an amalgamation of global best practices and caters to the needs of the 21st-century learners. The curriculum follows the Multiple Intelligence Theory and uses Developmentally Appropriate Practices. The focus is on Holistic Development of children that would nurture sensitivity towards self, others and the environment. It has the unique blend of scholastic and co-scholastic subjects wherein the learning outcomes highlighted are critical thinking, collaboration and cooperation.

Preschool Culture in India

The state of preschool education in India is still in its nascent stage, and thus a lot of efforts are being put by the government and early years’ educationists to highlight its importance and streamline the early years’ program. The success of any institution is a collective effort of all participants – the children, teachers and the parents. It is a symbiotic relationship and it is vital for all units of the organization to be there for achieving success. Thus, apart from the mainstream ways of study a lot of efforts are needed to create not only a good student but a perfect human being.

This is the reason Birla Edutech has taken special initiatives to make Health and Hygiene, an integral part of the curriculum, believing in the fact that ‘Healthy body will have a healthy mind!’ along with it, inculcating sports and physical education into the daily routine of the lives of children from the early years is crucial, and that is what BEL does in all its schools.

Expertise in World-class Education

Activity-based approach and experiential learning is the basis of the teaching-learning process at all the Birla Edutech preschools. The first 6 to 8 years of a child’s life are globally acknowledged to be the most critical years for lifelong development as the pace of development in these years is extremely rapid. Recent research in the field of neuroscience, particularly on the brain, has provided convincing evidence of the ‘critical periods’ present within these early years for the formation of synaptic connections in the brain and for the full development of the brain’s potential. At the BEL schools, all students are given the opportunity to participate and get involved in various activities. These are a healthy mix of academic and non-academic plans. Also, BEL is getting into E-learning and digitization of all learning methods.

The Mentor creating a better Future

Pushpita Chattopadhyay is the Head of Academics and Special Project of Birla Edutech, having more than 20 years of experience in education sector, curriculum designing and teacher training. She is heading the Research and Development Team at Birla Edutech Ltd (BEL), and is responsible for creating and designing a unique Birla curriculum that merges seamlessly well with the various Indian as well as International boards. She also has experience as an author and editor of a series of books.

The R&D team of the institution comprises of qualified and experienced teachers, teacher educators, researchers, curriculum developers, child psychologists and ex-university faculty. BEL empowers the teachers through specialized training such that they prepare the students for the 21st-century challenges through innovative teaching methodologies.

Proclaiming Nationwide Exaltation

Birla is always known for its excellence and in its education field; it is already becoming a stalwart. A number of its institutions have got acclamations. Birla Preschool, Vijayawada got Early Childhood Association’s award for Best Practice in effective partnership with parents in 2018 to Globe Tot’ers; Birla Preschool, Pune got Brain feed School Excellence Award for Best Preschool of Maharashtra in 2017 to Shloka; Birla Preschool, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad won Brain Feed school Excellence award for Best Preschool of Telangana in 2017 to Globe Tot’ers and Birla Preschool, Gachibowli, Hyderabad ranked 1st by Mom’s Junction in 2017 to Globe Tot’ers and so on.

BEL is closely working with the Uttarakhand Government for uplifting the government schools across the state by providing Spoken English and Yoga classes for children across the age group of 3 to 12 years. Use of audio-visual aids and activity based teaching is the methodology used in these schools by the facilitators. Also, they are looking at major Collaboration with the Government of India on PPP projects to create a wiser and smarter generation ahead.

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