Best Training Tips to Help Your Pet Dog Sleep at Night
dog sleep

Sometimes, as a pet parent, you have a tough time with your dog that doesn’t respect your sleep time. You shower love on your furry friend. However, that does not mean you need to wake several times in the middle of the night to deal with your pup’s barking and whining. According to an article published on, dogs, just like human beings should learn a few life skills.

There are many reasons why dogs don’t sleep during the night. A need to go to the toilet, tiredness, loneliness, and pain are some of the key reasons. So, before you train your canine companion to sleep peacefully at night, you should know the reason for his sleeplessness.

Give your dog bathroom breaks before sleep

When your Fido is awake each night to go to the toilet, ensure they pee and poop before going to bed. Avoid feeding them just before sleep, as that can make your pup uncomfortable with a full stomach and too much water to drink. It will not help your furry friend sleep peacefully all night. Make it a habit for your dog to take a toilet break every night before sleep time.

Provide physical and mental stimulus

If your dog is highly energetic and roams around your house all night or refuses to sleep at night, give him more exercise during the day. Usually, dogs need to get an hour of play and exercise daily. This way, your four-legged companion benefits from workout and stimulation.

The exercise will make your pup tired to help them sleep at night. The amount of workout your dog requires to get tired depends on his age, health, breed, and behavior. However, avoid forcing them into excessive workouts. If you’re unsure how much exercise is necessary for your dog, get in touch with dog training classes in Lehi at Canine by Design. You may also try some brain games with your pups, like snuffles and puzzles, to stimulate their mind. Maintain a perfect balance of physical and mental exercise.

Make your dog feel comfortable

Whether your dog sleeps on a pet bed or crate, he must have a chosen place to rest that is comfortable. Provide soft blankets to cuddle with, and if your furry friend has an emotional connection to a specific toy, your pup must have that before your sleep time.

Give your dog what he likes the most. If your pet likes to sleep with lights off or a night lamp on, make provisions accordingly. Determine whether your pup loves to sleep on a cool surface or a warm, cozy pet bed.

Take your dog to a vet for medical issues

If your dog is ill or injured, take him to a vet for treatment. Pain medication will alleviate the soreness and let your pup sleep at night. Also, check whether mites or flea bites are keeping your dog awake at night.


Now that you have these training tips handy hope they will help your dog sleep all night without you having to wake up.

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