Bright Kid Montessori House: Bringing Excellence to Pre-schoolers for an Enlightened World

“The School’s goal is to see a happy, secure child who is strong in body, mind, spirit, and communication.”

Founded in 2007, the Bright Kid Montessori House provides excellent Montessori-based education blended with the traditional method of classroom teaching, has its banner flying across the country. This blended technology of developing children has been extremely successful and well proven. Over twenty-thousand students have passed from the house in the past decade.

At, Bright Kid, learning is always fun, as the concepts of the house are always deep-rooted, applications are always encouraged, and creativity is always championed. The school offers age-appropriate programs for children between the age group of 2.5 years to 6 years and the kids are divided in three sections:- Playgroup, Montessori-I (Nursery), Montessori-II (LKG) and Montessori-III (UKG) for children. Its team comprises well-trained Montessorians, experienced and motivated teachers and attendants who work under the guidance of highly accomplished management professionals having credentials from IITs and IIMs.

Mission & Vision of the School

The aim of the school is to unleash the potential of children and open the door to all future possibilities by providing the love, care, special training and early childhood education for the ultimate flourishment. The school accomplishes this by applying the most effective learning methods and world-class Montessori materials, all while providing a healthy environment for the kids. The school leverages the most advanced teaching techniques and tools and drawing support from the best of preschool-trained teachers. The institute’s vision is to be the best and most adorable in the world of Preschool education. Undoubtedly the preschool has set milestone when it comes to scientific and yet children-friendly education.

The Altruistic Founder

Susmita Sanyal, Founder of Bright Kid Montessori House is a graduate from Calcutta University. She obtained a Montessori preschool diploma from IMTC, Bangalore and is a Member of American Montessori Society. She believes that the joy of learning can be offered only in a very colorful, comfortable and creative preschool environment, which will provide the stimuli to perform activities freely for children’s development at their own pace. Her desire to help the children to become independent and conscious about their capabilities alongside with Montessori principles has always bear fruits. She established the school with just seven children and today it has cultivated more than ten thousand kids. At present, she leads teams for academic management, audit, teachers training, innovative methodologies, and the growth of new centers.

Personalized Teaching Methods and Curriculum

The Montessori school has blended its scientific Montessori Methodology with traditional methods of classroom learning integrating it with the best of education technology. This unique curriculum consists of four distinctive parts for holistic development; the Montessori activities; the classroom activities; the interactive smart class activities and the thematic activities. The Montessori activities are a hands-on approach using scientific materials that stimulate creativity in the absorbent minds of children through their exploration of many possibilities and develops the children in five key areas of knowledge- Exercises of practical life, sensorial, language, Maths, and enrichment.

The institute pioneers in the preschool industry to deploy futuristic technology led by digital resources with the best of class and age-appropriate interactive digital resources. Our Bright SMART Book series are enabled with AR- Augmented Reality technology and through these books children get a teacher even at home to strengthen their learning and concept building. Furthermore, the thematic teaching of the institute covers various age-appropriate topics and stories for children. It is a medium to inculcate moral values, like sharing, respecting and caring among children.

The Distinctive Style of Education

The institute shares it beliefs regarding the importance of education stating, “We believe in ‘Adding knowledge is creating potential…. Applying knowledge is the true power’. Our methodologies foster the children’s curiosity and develop their love for learning for life. This is vital to a child’s development and sets the tone for their accomplishing many wonders in their education into primary, secondary and tertiary”.

More than Just a School

The institute celebrates various numbers of thematic activities like ‘World Health Day’, ‘Oral Health Day’, ‘Fruits & Vegetables Day’ and classroom activities presented in its ‘My Bright Picture Book of Good Habits & Safety’ for a better mental and social development. The aim of such activities is to make the children aware of the importance of being healthy all the while encouraging them to take care of oneself, that includes the body, mind, and soul.

With respect to the personal developments, the institute states, “We enrich the lives of our students each day by exposing them to the fundamentals of art, music, dance, and drama. Children enjoy the many opportunities they have to present live performances to their parents including musical plays and skits”.

In just a decade, the school has spread to seventy preschools across the country and over twenty-five thousand students have graduated from it. Experiencing an accelerated growth, Bright Kid is on the verge on becoming one of the best preschools in the country.

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