BML Munjal University Partners with Max Healthcare for Specialized Health Facilities on Campus
BML Munjal University

BML Munjal University (BMU) has collaborated with Max Healthcare to offer on-campus and student/staff medical facilities for the academic year 2020-21. The collaboration also carries with it a variety of comprehensive health programs to ensure the welfare and wellbeing of students as they return to campus. In turn, patients and employees can also benefit from exclusive offers for services at every Max Healthcare network facility.

BMU is predominantly a completely residential campus that has a responsibility to its students to maintain their well-being and offer medical assistance. Consequently, BMU has a well-equipped treatment facility on the campus of specific illnesses. The newly formed collaboration puts together integrated medical programs that may involve pursuing medical education this academic year and offering well-being guidance to the organization.

The partnership has played a vital role in convincing both parents and students that their wellbeing will be the primary focus once they come to school. The next academic year, expected to begin in Sept, will also be conducted digitally, bearing in mind the latest policy guidelines. The deadline for admission to UG is now 01 August.

Throughout this academic year, Max Healthcare will be in charge of this Medical Center by naming a doctor and nurse to the BMU to operate with the in-house doctor. The relationship frequently covers comprehensive health service management, which may involve ongoing medical education on a monthly basis, including professional advice to the campus administration regarding protection and sanitation procedures.

BMU has also signed up for tertiary medical treatment with hospitals such as Medanta, Artemis and Medeor in the Gurgaon District as well as Star Hospital in Bhiwadi. Medeor is formally known as a COVID-19 treatment hospital in the Gurgaon Region. The university also provides medical insurance to its learners.

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