Burosys Furniture : Crafting your Dream-desks from Generations
Burosys Furniture

Prior to the introduction of lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, the furniture industry’s growth was perceived to be virtually unstoppable. The prime reason being that the rising expenditures on listed sectors expands the revenue of the furniture industry as almost no brand or company in any given industry functions without the basic need of furniture. But the pandemic had other plans in store for this sector.

The Covid-19 outbreak caused lot of damage to the furniture space: with the dipping of businesses and the focus shifting away from office spaces, the demand for new furniture inevitably went down; also, the lockdowns massively affected the supply chains. However, even during the present crisis, many brands and though leaders in the industry are looking to innovate, form new partnerships and formulating ways to better the company with any means necessary. One such exemplar of a truly innovative, dynamic, yet veteran of a company is Burosys Furniture.

In furniture industry, Burosys is a name synonymous with office furniture products that are made from high quality materials and are extremely modern looking. Burosys works across several areas within the interior space such as manufacturing and supply of office furniture, consulting on large projects for interior fit outs and related items. Earlier known as Pitroda Furniture, the company has been in business since 1940 and has helped countless companies redefine their office workspaces. Marrying the concept of productivity with art, Burosys is at the helm of innovation which drives their forward-thinking designs.

Burosys understands the importance of workplace furniture reflecting the values of a company as well as its people. It caters to a diverse range of corporates and businesses, with their commonalities being that such companies put the comfort of their employees on par with their clients, while pursuing modernity in their workspace of which the office furniture is an essential element.

The Overlords of the Furniture Game

At Burosys, we pride ourselves at working closely with the stakeholders of the project,” says the Co-Founder & CEO of Burosys – Mr Hersh Pitroda. “Listening to their needs, understanding from feedback and being able to relate to what is required to amplify the purpose of a space,” he added.

The company’s expertise lies in the field of furniture and understanding user behaviour across spaces. As offices grew into corporate parks and as new design philosophies began to materialise in workspace design, the products also needed to cater to the needs of the times. And the same was applicable vice-versa; products that were well designed began to see mass consumption.

With the right understanding of the project, users, and application, the company believes it possesses a unique strength: It is able to add multi fold value to projects the team chooses to be involved with, and their clients keep coming back for that effect. Be it schools, large convention centres, hotels, luxurious and economical offices – Burosys provides it all.

Standing Apart

An amazing factor that goes into the daily operations is that the Burosys team yearns to give their prospective clients a reason to fall in love with the brand. Keeping this in mind, Burosys goes a step beyond to understand their client company’s DNA and build a solution that reflects and combines their brand personality with a curated workspace furniture proposal.

This is easier said than done. This is a result of years of experience, knowledge of the global furniture market, understanding what can be curated together and how it can eventually make financial and functional sense to the end customer.

All that the eye can see, your peripheral vision, is the furniture, your space is not just a space. It should be a reflection of your brand value mixed with an air of aspiration.

The Passionate Chief

What I lack in academia, I make up in experience,” explains Mr. Hersh Pitroda. With years of experience in the field of furniture, he is known for his tenacity and passion towards his work. Hersh continues to focus on what he wants and how he wants to impact lives, companies and fuel the growth within the organization through design and good products.

Currently the Co-Founder of Burosys, a new-age contemporary and modern furniture making company, Hersh has also done a stint with LVHM PR and Manish Malhotra as a designer in his earlier days.

Obsessed with Exemplary Design

The Burosys effect on the furniture and office infrastructure space is – their obsession with product design.

Being the only Indian company that holds multiple patents for its unique desking systems, Burosys has always been a product-centric company, which is rare for furniture makers in this country. Unfortunately, however, its customary to find the exact same furniture design across most major and local furniture manufacturers.

This is where we wanted to be different. We wanted our products to reflect a certain personality – in aesthetic, and in function,” commented the astute leader, Mr. Hersh Pitroda.

Another unique aspect of the company’s products is – ‘dis-assembly’, which is of huge benefit of their systems, and it has never been more relevant that today. Due to Covid, most offices are scaling down or re-jigging their workspace layout. Burosys’ systems provide this kind of dynamic flexibility.

Throughout the years, the company has worked closely with most of the major designers and architects in India, primarily in Mumbai. Their first and most notable collaboration was with renowned German seating manufacturer named ‘Interstuhl’, in the late 80’s, where the company used to manufacture a certain seating line for them.

Fast forward to 2020, Burosys represents another major player in the world of furniture – ‘Tecno Spa’ from Italy – a 100-year-old company with a rich history and legacy. Burosys is working on several prestigious projects with them.

Pandemic times

2020 was such an iconic year that they named it twice. Needless to say, the office-furniture industry has been hit severely as most employees haven’t made their journey back to work as of yet. As a result, many of Burosys’s small to mid-size projects have been delayed. But the larger projects have not been affected as such.

Make in India

Ever since 1940, Burosys has been strong contributors of the ‘Make in India’ concept. It claims to be the first company to put casters on chairs, and certainly one of the first few companies to provide office chairs that were completely manufactured by them.

Fast forward to 2021, and nothing has changed. Three generations in the business, the company is still strongly focused on Make in India. More than 70% of the products are made in India.

Striving for Excellence

Speaking of the future, Burosys’s plans to expand into the retail industry have been kept on hold at the moment due to the aftermath of the pandemic. However, in the backend, the company continues to churn out new and innovative products, pitching for prestigious projects, forming partnerships and joint ventures with international designers and furniture companies.

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