Sharda Stationery : From Corporate to Household Stationery, Sharda has it All!
Sharda Stationery

The Indian stationery industry is highly scattered and is largely dominated by the unorganised sector. However, the industry is now showing signs of organised growth, owing to the heavy increase in demand for stationery products in the country. This demand is observed as a result of entry of a large number of international brands in India.

The present-day customer, in general, is educated, has a knack for experimentation, and most importantly – wants value for money. An organised player in the stationery and services sector which aims at capturing the market by focusing on ‘value for money’ products and services, is the eminent company Sharda Stationery.

Sharda Stationery is a reputed name in the market in the field of supplying a wide range of corporate stationery products. The founders of Sharda Stationery have more than 30 years of experience in the corporate and educational stationery space. They started this company with knowledge of the market, experience and a vision to deliver high qualitative attributes – something that has earned them the respect and adoration of their various clients and customers.

Being the leading BOPP adhesive tapes supplier and dealer in Mumbai, the company offers its complete range of products and service in various households, schools, colleges, institutes, offices, hospitals, banks and wherever else it is used. If you are searching for a trusted stationery vendor in Mumbai, Sharda Stationery is the place for you.

Being one of the best stationery suppliers and dealer, the company offers its products at reasonable market price, with an extensive range of stationery products that suits all your needs in the best manner possible.

From Humble Beginnings to Market Leaders

The inception saga of the firm dates back to 1987 when the Co-Founders Manji and Kanji Dubariya served in a stationery shop. There, they continued for seven years before pursuing their passion dedicatedly and setting up their own shop in 1993 and later anchoring their second shop in 1997, known as Sharda Stationery. With 32 years of experience, today, the firm is operating out of four retail and corporate supplies outlets including Navi Mumbai and Mumbai.

Some of their major clientele include several reputed names in education and corporate clientele such as Reliance, HP, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, International Institute for Population Sciences, International Justice Mission, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Helen Keller Institute for Deaf & Deafblind, and The Gateway School of Mumbai etc.

The firm works with advanced machinery like Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C1060, Konica Minolta Bizhub Pro C6501, Xerox Color C60, Canon Image Runner Advance 8585, HP Latex 335, Canon Imageprograf IF8410SE, HP Designjet T2300, HP Designjet T2500, Epson Surecolor SC-T7270, Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8410SE, Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C869R, SKY-DSB SKY-335R6, SKYDSB SKY-325R4, and Zebra ZXP Series 3, offering high quality printing services and printable media.

The firm has evolved modestly and now has stock of both Indian and international products for all categories of school, college, office equipment stationery. Another point to note here is that the firm possesses the most advanced machines, which are not present anywhere nearby.

The Sharda Approach

Deep Understanding: Sharda works closely with the customers to gain deep insights into their business needs. The company takes time to fully understand the client’s purchase. And it also listens carefully to what the client requests about their requirements. This means that one receives advice that really gets to the heart of one’s business.

The Co-Founder of the company, Mr. Manji Dubariya, notes: “The right product, in the right place, at the right time.” He added – “We assemble the right team for your business, drawing on our network of professionals. You receive the right product at the right time.

Flexibility: Today’s business world requires you to balance stability with rapid change. The way Sharda Stationery operates allow it to help respond swiftly to the challenges the team faces. The employees tackle the customer issues with enthusiasm, helping them achieve their requirements.

Integrity: Sharda Stationery acts with integrity, having mutual respect, and being open and honest in everything that they do. They only ever do what they believe is right. This is how the build a loyal customer base and trust among their clientele.

A Class Apart

Today, Sharda Stationery is a renowned corporate supplier specializing in office stationery for big names like HP, Reliance, and many others. Being a retail shop, they supply stationery and other related products and services to big companies, colleges, schools, etc. They operate from four outlets in Mumbai.

In the stationery business, service is everything. If you deliver good quality products along with exceptional service, only then you can survive in the market. To deliver on these to customer/clients in the corporate sector, the team over at Sharda had to struggle a lot. Yet they maintained ‘Quality and Service’ as their prime mover.

Manji comments: “It is all about trust. We at Sharda Stationery provide the customers with quality, service and on-time delivery. The customers may choose to go to other stationery service providers which operate at competitive prices; their main considerations are to find similar products cheaper and other cost cutting methods. But at the end of the day, these customers often return to us because although they get the products at a cheaper cost, the quality and the service provided is not up to the mark. That is why we get so much repeat business.”

Owing to the increasingly competitive nature of the market, the Sharda Stationery team has to monitor a lot of factors like new market trends, emerging customer requirements, new products and services. They also make a point to attend a lot of exhibitions in Mumbai and Delhi where they get to learn about new products and interact with new clients. At the same time, they promote their products and services on exhibition stalls, hand out informational content to prospective customers.

Living up to the Dream

In any industry, it is impossible to satisfy every demand of the customers, but even still, Sharda Stationery tries to meet most of their customer expectations. Sometimes the customer wants something out of the ordinary, like a range of specific customised products. In that case, the team has to figure out what exactly they want and how they are going to deliver the same.

To promote outreach, Sharda Stationery has also launched a beautiful website so they can interact with their customers online. Additionally, the company employs salespersons who visit corporates and big companies to showcase their products, increase brand awareness, display catalogues, talk about the speciality of services offered by Sharda, among other things. The company also promotes itself with digital advertisements, social media promotions and employs varied digital marketing methodologies.

To scale the coming future, Sharda Stationery has big plans of expanding into the manufacturing. Till now, the business model has been mostly about trading of the stationery as well as other products and services, but now they wish to start their own factories to have more control over their goods and deliver quality service.

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