Canterbury Business College: Delivering Quality Education for a Brighter Tomorrow

“The college aims to transform students’ lives through accessible and high-quality education to craft cultural and civic leader for the advancement of a diverse global community”

Educators are the most vital part in any educational ecosystem. Creativity to successfully align technologies with content and pedagogy, balance to apply instructions with teaching methods, education policies, and standards defines a good educator. Ace educators proactively act as a mentor, coach, team teacher in learning communities. Sydney based Canterbury Business College has such educators that are supportive and always enthusiastic for the continuous improvement of its students.

The most unique trait about Canterbury Business College is its focus on technical courses, practical set of skills and a hands-on attitude, which contribute to obtaining employment straight after or even before graduation of the course undertaken. This college is very keen to help students throughout the student lifecycle and inculcate in them different sets of skills as per industry needs. In class, students learn how to solve problems and how to deal with a different mix of cultures; they are often confronted with a problem to solve in groups.

For example, in its Cookery program, a problem could be as simple as distinguishing between different kinds of sauces, or as complex as how to cook according to different customer requests such as halal, vegetarian, and gluten free. To find a solution they are separated in groups and given time in their industrial kitchen. If required, students can ask for practically anything they need, such as more training in one or two specific recipes or extra classes.

Another very good quality of Canterbury Business College is its rather high rank and great reputation. It offers a long history, quality in education, and flexibility in student’s administrative requests.

The college location is such that it fascinates the passers-by: it is fantastic; right next to Central Station, in the funky suburb of Surry Hills. Students have the advantage of a modest building with seven levels, and lots of facilities such as a mini library, kitchen, computer labs, and English school – Canterbury Language Academy, in the same building for students who need to complete English studies prior to their vocational studies. Moreover, there is lot of greenery and pubs/restaurants within walking distance of the college even then maintaining a quiet environment.

Academic Offerings and More

Established in 1999, Canterbury Business College started out as purely a business college, offering programs in business and information technology. Over the last 19 years, the college has evolved to offer a wider range of vocational programs including hospitality management, commercial cookery, leadership & management, travel & tourism management, IT courses like programming and software development among many more.

Canterbury Business College is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with all programs offered at CBC registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). CBC is also a member of the following organisations:

  • Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET)
  • Tertiary Assurance Scheme (TAS) for protection of fees of overseas students
  • Registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)

Other than that, the college also offers excursions around the Sydney area, and has established partnerships with many associations to ensure the students can have a brighter tomorrow.

It has partnerships with hotels, cafes, restaurants in Sydney, Brisbane, and regional areas and also tie-ups with many placement agencies that offer good career opportunities to its students once the completion of their courses.

Canterbury Business College provides partial scholarships depending on the mix of nationalities from time to time. They are a self-funded RTO and need to maintain a good balance between both, fees and quality. Currently, it offers great promotions for European and South American students (up to 38% off on tuition fees).

The Champion ‘Mentor’ of CBC

Ian Benton’s, professional specialty is guiding organisations in internationalising their marketing operations across unfamiliar cultures and in achieving organisational agility whilst doing it. He is the Academic Advisor at CBC. For over 30 years, Ian has maintained a dual-career to Marketing Director roles in technology-based organisations in UK, Japan, and Australia in tandem lecturing various marketing and management subjects and often providing academic/administrative leadership at universities across the world where business has taken him. He is an expert panel advisor to the Australian Federal Government’s Commercialisation Australia Innovation Program and sits on several Australian and UK Boards.

The Other Prominent Mentor of CBC

Gajinder Paul, an engineer turned educator is the other prominent mentor of CBC. He is the Principal Executive Officer and a well-known name in the international educational space in Australia. He started his career in manufacturing and after completing a PG degree in management got attracted towards educational sector. Gajinder is a MARA certified agent since 1999 who assists all his students voluntarily for any help they need in relation to any student visa inquiries, that too at no cost.

“Words of Trust”

“I chose IT because I love programming and CBC’s course enables me to learn the basics. After finishing my course, I am going to do a bachelor’s degree and in the future work in the IT industry.”- Fitzgerald Marcelly, Indonesia – Certificate IV in Programming

“For me CBC is in a convenient area and it is easy for me to get to classes. My class mates are friendly and from different nationalities which is great because we get to learn about each other.”- Eduarda Nunes Ferras, Brazil – Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery/Diploma of Hospitality Management

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