CBD Oil Pet Products for Beginners
Cannabidiol oil

Cannabidiol oil, which is popularly known as CBD, is a derivative of the plant, marijuana. As the name implies, it comes in liquid form. CBD, which actually is a medical component of the plant, has become another reason for the soaring popularity of cannabis (which is another name for marijuana).

This plant, over years which actually runs into millennia, has been grown for its therapeutic benefits. Beyond its therapeutic benefits, many others have sought it for its other physical properties which include its psychoactive property. This article contains all necessary information about cbd oil for dogs.

Very early record of its use for medicinal purposes could extend backwards right into 1400-2000 BC, as is shown here. It is believed that William Osler pushed for the adoption of marijuana for medicinal considerations. You may want to know who William Osler is. When you talk of modern medicine, he is without doubt, the father of it. Also credited to one of his several accomplishments is his 19th century creation of the residency program.

It was his view that cannabis is effective for dealing with migraines. It was much later, actually in 1940, that other professionals showed the component of the plant responsible for its medicinal properties. A university of Illinois team, ably led by Dr. Roger Adams, became the first team to identify cannabidiol. Despite this breakthrough, it was not until 1963 that the structure of this chemical compound became clear. With this clarity also came better ways of extraction from the host plant.

Dynamic Chemical Constituents

There are several ways to extract cannabidiol. Thrichomes are found in the flower of the plant under discussion. These actually are glands boasting of essential oils. To be able to determine the required proportion of cannabinoids in the flower, these glands would need to be separated from their host. Cannabinoids are part of chemical constituents found after extraction, and there are about 80 different such constituents resident in the plant.

These cannabinoids are capable of altering neurotransmitting functions of the brain. Apart from CBD, which has been shown to be medicinally oriented, tetrahydrocannabinol is another chemical constituent of this marijuana plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is more popularly labeled THC, is a psychoactive compound.

Its presence is actually what gives marijuana its infamy of bringing about levels of misbehavior in users. The good thing is that most CBD products contain negligible or no amount of this compound, leaving you with the medicinal benefits of CBD only.

Growing Popularity

Despite the 20 years seniority CBD has over THC as a discovered chemical, THC however has occupied the laboratory rooms of research. It was only recently, with the attendant discovery of the therapeutic bent of CBD, which indeed covers several conditions that attention on THC lessened. This explains the seeming sudden and surging popularity of CBD.

Some attribute this popularity to spreading cannabis legalization, but the legalization wouldn’t come without belief in its healthy use as can be seen here https://www.holistapet.com/products/. The verdict out there is that this increasing popularity of cannabidiol will simply continue to grow as more research discovers more medicinal uses.

So, the fact is that CBD oil is gaining presence everywhere. Who would have thought some years back that any celebrity would adopt a baby shower with a CBD theme? That was exactly what Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, used for their fourth child’s celebration. It is almost impossible today to meet anyone with chronic conditions like pain who has not heard a mention of CBD. The pet world is not left out of this CBD fanfare.

An Increasingly Favored Choice for Pet Parents

A lot of pet parents have embraced cannabidiol with both arms, and not without testimonies. Many have told stories that include their pets finding relief from bowel diseases, chronic inflammation of diverse sorts, neuropathic pain, nerve-related pain, migraines and anxiety.

Other areas where testimonies have been told include help in autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular health, neurodegenerative diseases, nervous system protection, nausea and appetite issues. Edward Bassingthwaighte told a story from his Australia base about a Staffordshire Terrier who, as a senior, had a mammary tumor measuring 6cm. This tumor, with its metastasis, disappeared within a space of three months of using CBD without a relapse.

With these testimonies everywhere, it is no wonder that the market is flooded with all sorts of CBD products for pets. You should, however, be aware that not everything that goes by that name gives you the same result. Your interest in cannabidiol is actually because you want something that works. If that is the case, then there are things you must look out for.

  • Search for organic products –when you are not dealing with an organic product, you might actually be dealing with products contaminated with such things as pesticides, injurious solvents from unhealthy extraction techniques, fungicides and the like.
  • Let cheap not be your aim –higher quality CBD products are most likely going to be the result of better extraction methods which in turn yields purer products. This will likely tell on the cost of the product making it more expensive.
  • Beware of additives –some additives that are okay for humans can be fatal with pets. So, you may need to enquire about the actual contents of what you are buying.

In Conclusion

Always ask for the lab analysis of what you are buying, and remember to go for third-party analysis. Such an analysis would help you know the amount of THC present in what you are buying. You surely wouldn’t want your pet getting ‘high’ on psychoactive substances.

When assured that your product is safe, you’ve little else to worry about as cannabidiol doesn’t come with any adverse effect. All you just need at this point are appropriate doses, something you can determine yourself by starting off your pet gradually with little doses.

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